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This Story Of The Man Who Bought A World Series Ticket For $6 Is Too Good To Be True

It turns out the man who bought a ticket to game one of the World Series for $6 off StubHub is not actually the luckiest fan ever.

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Deadspin reader Erik tipped the website that he had acquired a World Series ticket on secondary ticket seller website StubHub for the otherworldly price of $3, plus service fee. He victoriously passed along his receipt and a photo of his ticket.

And everyone was like six dollars for a World Series ticket!?


Well, nice work Erik. You're truly the luckiest baseball fan on Earth.

Unfortunately, this ticket has proven too wonderful for this world.

UPDATE: A dramatic twist...

StubHub provided the following statement to BuzzFeed regarding the sale of the $6 ticket:

A recent sale for a $6 ticket to Game 1 of the 2013 World Series ticket has proven to be a fraudulent listing. Per company policy, the sale has been cancelled and StubHub will make it right for the buyer by providing replacement tickets in a comparable location at our expense.

So Erik is going to the World Series for free!