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    This Is What Sochi Really Looks Like

    As the Winter Olympics rapidly approach, many Sochi residents are complaining that their living conditions are growing worse and the government is ignoring their grievances.

    A house in the village of Vesyoloye outside Sochi, Russia. An Associated Press photographer captured what it looks like in the neighboring villages of the Olympic park.

    Some residents of the village of Vesyoloye have lived without running water and electricity for years. Now, a new $635 million highway has taken out their communal outhouse and cut them off from Sochi's city center.

    A stray dog and its puppy sit behind the railings in the middle of a highway outside Sochi.

    The statue of ancient Roman god Neptune sits in guard of the beach during the sunset at an embankment in Sochi.

    Vesyoloye resident Irina Kharchenko walks in the yard of her house beside the screen separating the yard of her house and a federal highway outside Sochi.

    A dog walks on the street near the deteriorated houses in the village of Vesyoloye.

    A new highway running through the fringes of the Olympic park in Sochi.

    Residents drink tea in the village of Vesyoloye.

    A man is hanging out a piece of cloth to dry in the yard as a freight train drives past in the village of Vesyoloye.

    Residents of the village of Vesyoloye play with stray dogs outside their home.