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There Is A College Football Team In New York City That Is Completely Dominating Everyone

Meet the Fordham Rams โ€” New York City's undefeated college football team, the pride of the Bronx. F-U! F-U! F-U!

Meet the Fordham Rams. The proud football team of Fordham University in the Bronx, New York.

Fordham Athletics

The Rams have a revered football legacy โ€” ever heard of a guy named Vince Lombardi?

Before Lombardi became a legendary NFL coach, winning the first two Super Bowls with the Green Bay Packers and having the Super Bowl trophy named after him, he was one of the "Seven Blocks Of Granite" on Fordham's offensive line from 1934-36. Naturally, Fordham's athletic center is named after him.

Lately, Fordham football hasn't quite lived up to Lombardi's example. In 2010, Quarterback John Skelton became the first Ram selected in the NFL draft since 1968. In three seasons in the league, he has appeared in 20 games and has a 63.0 passer ranking.

New York Magazine

You might have seen Skelton with the Cincinnati Bengals on HBO Hard Knocks this season. He was cut.


He did recently sign with the San Francisco 49ers. He's a 6 ft. 8 in, 240 lbs. He'll probably bounce around the NFL for at least a little while.

Despite the less than stellar performance the last few seasons โ€” a 22-33 record since 2008 โ€” Fordham went into 2013 with high hopes, a motivated second-year coach, and a number of high-profile recruits and transfer players.

Fordham Athletics

In their first game of the 2013 campaign, Fordham smashed the University of Rhode Island, 51-26. SMASHED.

Fordham Athletics

Then they edged top-10-ranked Villanova 27-24. It was the first time Fordham beat Villanova since 1920.

Fordham Athletics

Fordham and Villanova play in the FCS, formerly known as Division I-AA. Think of it as the scrappy little brother to the FBS, a.k.a. Division I.

Fordham Athletics

Villanova would not be ranked in the Top 10 in FBS, not even remotely close, but this was still a pretty cool upset by Fordham.

Speaking of FBS Division I football teams, next up, Fordham upset Temple University for the team's first win over an FBS team in school history!

The Rams edged the Owls, 30-29, when Fordham quarterback Mike Nebrich connected with wide receiver Sam Ajala on a 29-yard touchdown pass with 13 seconds left, and the extra point sealed the victory.

Dang, nice grab.

Fordham Athletics

The Rams followed up their big victory over Temple by trouncing Columbia, 52-7, on homecoming weekend at Fordham's Rose Hill campus.

Fordham Athletics


And then the Fordham faithful started to be like...

Rams football 4-0! Maybe this is a real thing!

The following week Fordham rallied at St. Francis and won their fifth straight, putting up 21 points in fourth quarter!

Fordham Athletics

Setting up a match-up in the Bronx vs. 5-0 Lehigh. The battle of the unbeatens.

Fordham Athletics

YES! Fordham tops Lehigh, 52-34, and stays undefeated! 6-0!

The win over Lehigh propelled Fordham into the Top-10 in FCS!

The following week the Rams defeated Georgetown, improving to 7-0 on the year. Quarterback Mike Nebrich threw for over 400-yards, completing his first 20 passes and setting a Patriot League record for most consecutive completions to open a game.

Fordham Sports

Next up, Fordham traveled to New Haven, CT where the Rams routed Yale, 52-31, to become the first team in school history to open a season 8-0. Wide receiver Sam Ajala set a school record with 281 yards receiving and four touchdown. 281 yards. Ridiculous.

Here's something interesting. Fordham is now ranked #7. And not just in the FCS...#7 in the whole country according to the Sagarin Rankings, which are used in the BCS! Unfortunately, only FBS teams are eligible for BCS bowls. Still, this is awesome.

Fordham continued its historic run by edging out Holy Cross, 32-30, to improve to 9-0. 9-0!!

Next up, Fordham survived a first half injury knocking quarterback Mike Nebrich out of the game and narrowly squeaked by Bucknell, 23-21. 10-0!!