The Makeshift Offices Of New York City

With power still out to many offices in Manhattan, here’s how displaced NYC workers are getting things done.

1. BuzzFeed’s temporary HQ at the Hearst Tower

3. Not all of BuzzFeed can get to our makeshift home. Deputy social media editor Samir Mezrahi, a Long Island resident, set-up at a local hospital, the only place he could find power the day after Sandy!

4. Associate Buzzfeed Celeb editor Lauren Yapalater is working out of a Long Island Arby’s restaurant!

5. And senior editor Katie Notopoulos is posting buzz from…the studio?

“I am trying so hard not to mess around with the buttons or spill stuff.” (Katie Notopoulos)

6. Here is digital strategy firm Undercurrent’s temporary home in Fort Greene, Brooklyn

7. CitiBank employee Leon Tokatlilar is set-up at a Westin Hotel conference room. He says there must be 50 people working in this room.

8. Also packed into one conference room.

9. Storyful’s Erica Berger is working out of her apartment, and her bongos are giving her strength

10. Jason Diamond working on Flavorpill and Vol. 1 Brooklyn from his apartment with his assistant Max

11. Rosa Golijan (, is working from a friend’s home in Brooklyn. Her assistant’s name is 8bit.

12. Spinner editor Dan Reilly is also working from home, but has a friend to keep him company

13. “I didn’t bother to make my bed.” - Elizabeth Thompson, Paper Magazine, who is working from her bed

14. Sarah Shanfield (Streetwise Media) working out of the Brooklyn Museum

15. Jen Doll posting to the Atlantic Wire from her coffee table this week

16. While Atlantic Wire editor Gabriel Snyder works from a plush looking couch

17. Steve Kovach’s (Business Insider) hub on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. The Mets cup gives him strength.

18. Tamar Anitai (MTV Buzzworthy) and husband Matt Rodbard ( running their sites out of their spare room. Tamar is definitely working in her pajamas.

19. FourSquare’s temporary HQ. A conference room in the Time-Life Building.

20. Gawker’s Adrian Chen. Reporting live from a midtown Potbelly Sandwiches.

21. Callie Schweitzer (VOX Media Inc.) and her fuzzy socks on the Upper East Side

22. Dan Rollman is keeping going from his apartment in Fort Greene, Brooklyn

23. Refinery29’s pop-up office in Williamsburg, BK

24. College Humor displaced to the next best place - a bar in Park Slope, BK!

25. packed in a conference room generously loaned to them by their Chairman of Board’s company, Gibson Dunn

26. And Do Something’s staff meeting, a Google Plus Hangout!

27. Early submission for tomorrow’s post: All The Booze You Drank During Sandy

(Courtesy of Dan Reilly)

28. Newsweek and The Daily Beast’s Brian Ries’s BK apartment workstation. Also, his dog Albert. Also, his alligator head.

29. The Now This News staff was forced to split up. Here’s their Brooklyn makeshift office

30. And Now This News’s Upper West Side workplace

31. The New York Daily News’ social media editor Colin Jones’s stronghold in Greenpoint, BK

32. Horizon Media’s Keith O’Brien is working from home in Williamsburg, BK, but still dressing for the office.

33. Huffington Post’s Mia Aquino launched her own personal Pennsylvania bureau post-Sandy

34. HuffPost’s Annemarie Dooling and her dog’s temporary couch office on Staten Island


35. A couple more BuzzFeed satellite locations: Ryan Broderick keeping our Tumblr going from his apartment in Queens. Plus his feet.

36. “Working from bed like a boss.” - BuzzFeed sports editor Jack Moore

37. A gang from BuzzFeed’s creative team in Williamsburg, BK

38. Tumblr’s Katherine Barna (L) and some friends working from Battery Park City

(Photo courtesy of Frank DeMaria)

39. deputy editor Erin McCarthy and her cats working from her couch on the Upper East Side

40. Flavorpill’s makeshift office is a pretty gorgeous apartment in DUMBO, BK

41. ANIMALNewYork’s Brooklyn “internet refugee camp”

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