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The Inside Story Of Deadmau5 And Rob Ford's Coffee Run

One of these men will order five espressos in one cup.

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Deadmau5 is a proud Torontonian who likes to occasionally get coffee with famous people. And because he's Deadmau5, he takes his Ferrari wrapped in a Nyan cat decal to get his coffee.

Let's go...

It's obvious that Rob Ford and Deadmau5, two of Canada's living legends, have a lot to discuss. Like football...

And why Deadmau5's Ferrari is painted like an internet meme...

Rob Ford likes Deadmau5's ride.

Hey, we're at Tim Horton's! Time to order. Rob will have...

Rob Ford thinks it's hilarious that he ordered five espressos in one cup.

Now that we've got our Tim Horton's, let's talk about some important stuff.

OK, that's enough talk about the important stuff.

Rob can't believe Deadmau5 doesn't like the game Risk! Rob loves Risk! And Risk gets intense in the Ford family.

Deadmau5 and Rob Ford (and Rob Ford's quintuple espresso) have made it back to the parking garage.

Watch the entire saga of two Canadian heroes getting coffee at a Tim Horton's in Toronto.

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