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"Sons Of Anarchy" Season Premiere Shocks With Bloody School Shooting Scene

Not even the actors' admission that this season would be the most chaotic and violent season yet of Sons Of Anarchy could have prepared viewers for this. [WARNING: SPOILERS]

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The blond child appears like he could be a younger version of SOA's main character, Jax Teller, who narrates over the scene, reading what sounds like a letter to his own two sons.

Later in the episode, the boy appears again, dressed in the same clothes. He seems to be on his way to school when he runs into the Sons Of Anarchy motorcycle gang riding through a California suburb.

Seconds later, as he enters the classroom, an adult male teacher screams and the the audience hears the gun begin to unload as the room lights up and blood splatters against the classroom window.

It's important to note that the chaotic scene outside the school after the shooting is not how the episode ends; there's a mostly unrelated montage and other loose ends are tied up. The shocked first responder sitting next to his emergency vehicle is not a cliffhanger.

The kid, as a character, is confusing. He never talks. He never directly interacts with any of the main characters, except that little moment with Jax. And he moves in parallel with the rest of the events of the episode without directly impacting anything...and then he shoots up the school.

What does this all mean?? What we do know is that Kurt Sutter, the creator of the show, was deeply affected by both the Newtown, Connecticut and Aurora, Colorado shootings. Worth noting: Sutter wrote this episode himself, too.

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