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    Insane Mountain Villa Built Atop Apartment Building To Be Torn Down In China

    One Beijing businessman's dream to live on a mountain on top of a building is dashed because his idea is really, really dangerous.

    An unnamed medicine mogul who lives here spent more than six years to build a villa covering over 10,000 square feet on top of a 26-story building in Beijing, according to local media.

    Ng Han Guan / AP

    Residents in the building complained about the villa, fearing its weight may cause structural collapse. The local bureau of city administration attempted to investigate the allegedly illegal construction, but the owner has not shown up.

    Jason Lee / Reuters

    Hmmm, perhaps he is watching his mountain from his other lair using his giant surveillance camera?

    Jason Lee / Reuters

    Beijing authorities are planning to demolish the bizarre rooftop villa embedded in rocks and trees unless the owner presents the necessary permits in two weeks.

    Xinhua, Luo Xiaoguang / AP

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