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5 Tips On How To Gain Instagram Glory From @MrPimpGoodGame

Selfie sensation Benny Winfield Jr. offers his pro tips on how to become Instagram famous.

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Benny Winfield, 37, of Houston, Texas chatted with BuzzFeed about how all it takes is an idea, a winning smile, and a little help from a slightly creeped-out magazine editor to conquer the Instagram game.

1. Be Different

"When I first looked at Instagram I didn't see anything original. Everyone was just trying to be like celebrities. Doing what they're doing doesn't separate or distinguish you. So I thought what if I just do this, just put out pictures of myself. You don't see that regularly on Instagram."

2. Always Be Entertaining

"Pictures of yourself are entertaining. And I always smile. The smile in every photo is a planned thing."

3. Interact With Your Fans

"I always respond to my fans and tell them I appreciate the love. And if you're getting rude comments or good comments, it's a good thing. That's what you want, people to talk about you. The negative comments don't ever bother me."


4. Embrace Criticism

"I was on Instagram for about a year and not getting much of a response, then Julia Beverly from Ozone Magazine noticed me and called me out, said something like 'creepy ass, good game is following me.'

"I didn't like that very much at first, got into it a little bit with her on Twitter. Then I started getting thousands of requests to follow people on Instagram, and I realized what was going on and I thanked her."

5. Take A Lot Of Pictures

"I'm going to keep taking pictures of myself until people stop responding! I also want to do shirts with my face on it and help start the new selfie movement!"

@MrPimpGoodGame gained 12,000 Instagram fans in the last day!




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