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    Jun 21, 2013

    Paula Deen Fans Take Out Frustration On Zucchini Casserole

    Poor, poor zucchini casserole.

    Following the news that Food Network will part ways at the end of the month with Paula Deen after she admitted to making racist comments, fans on Facebook became livid to the point of lashing out at the network's most recent Facebook post - a delicious-looking zucchini casserole.

    This zucchini casserole recipe was posted five hours before the announcement that Paula Deen was out at Food Network. Since it was the network's most recent post, fans are using the comment thread to express their misgivings toward the decision to part ways with Deen.

    Those trying to revert the conversation back to the "Recipe of the Day" are being met with considerable disdain.

    Amidst all this strife, can we not at least agree upon this...