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    Banksy's Biggest Piece In New York Appears In Lower Manhattan Complete With WikiLeaks Audio

    Banksy's latest artwork shows three horses wearing night-vision goggles on the side of a box truck.

    The elusive Banksy has unveiled his ninth piece since starting his month-long New York City residency. It was tracked down on Ludlow Street on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

    Mike Hayes / BuzzFeed

    It's his most ambitious NYC installation yet, spanning the side of a sedan and box truck.

    The latest Banksy features a man in the crosshairs peering up at three galloping horses in night-vision goggles. Pretty badass.

    Mike Hayes / BuzzFeed

    An audio component was uploaded to Banksy's website to go with the piece. It's ripped from the notorious "Collateral Murder" audio leaked by Chelsea Manning to WikiLeaks, which features the sounds of U.S. soldiers firing on Reuters journalists.


    This is Banksy's most well-protected piece of NYC street art so far, shielded behind a fence and some barbed wire.

    Mike Hayes / BuzzFeed

    Banksy hasn't had much success keeping hooligans from defacing his work this month in New York. We'll see if this barbed wire keeps the vandals away.

    The barbs on those wires certainly aren't stopping fans and photographers from getting a closer look at Banksy's piece.

    Mike Hayes / BuzzFeed