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    Amazing Tweets From Day One Of The Whitey Bulger Trial

    The trial of James “Whitey” Bulger, 83, is just one day old and it already has a little of everything.

    The long-awaited trial of Whitey Bulger is finally underway in Boston. Day One included accusations of murder, intrigue, a stunning admission by the defense, sleeping jurors, and a story about assault with food from McDonald's.

    You're going to wish you were in the courtroom.

    J.W. Carney, Bulger's high-profile defense lawyer, has a way with words.

    Bulger, a self-proclaimed health nut, used to berate his crew about their eating habits.

    The first witness called by the government was Robert Long, who ran a surveillance operation on Bulger called "Operation Lobster."

    Carney admitted that Bulger made millions from drug trafficking. But he didn't murder anybody.

    It became quickly apparent that the defense will try to discredit the government's star witnesses, including Bulger enforcer Johnny Martorano, by painting them as cold-blooded killers.

    According to the defense, Bulger was never an FBI informant.

    Photos of Whitey Bulger's 19 alleged murder victims were shown.

    And at one point during the action, a juror fell asleep!

    The prosecution's description of some of Bulger's alleged criminal acts was grisly.

    The trial will resume tomorrow!