13 People Arrested For Storming Albuquerque City Hall To Protest Police Killing Of A Homeless Man

The confrontation between Albuquerque authorities and citizens marks the latest act of outrage over a string of police killings in the city. A recent Justice Department investigation cited the police for brutality and excessive force.

1. Albuquerque residents on Monday strung up caution tape outside the office of Mayor Richard Berry, chained themselves to desks, and demanded that the mayor “jail killer cops.”

Albuquerque’s police force has been under intense scrutiny by the United States Justice Department, which issued a report in April citing the department for police brutality and excessive force.

2. Albuquerque police arrested 13 protesters — charging 12 with criminal trespassing and other misdemeanors, and one person with felony battery for pushing a police officer.

The protest was sparked by new information in the case of James Boyd, a 38-year-old homeless man who was shot and killed by Albuquerque police in March.

Boyd’s killing went viral after the lapel video from one of the officers involved in the shooting appeared online.

Autopsy results released last week say that Boyd died from three gunshot wounds and characterizes the killing as a homicide.

Twenty-five people have been killed by Albuquerque police since 2010.

5. A spokesperson for Mayor Berry said the mayor was in New York City attending an event Monday and the protesters were apparently not aware that he was out of town.

6. Since the release of the Justice Department report, activists have pressured the mayor and other city officials to take action.

More arrests made in sit in #APDProtest over police shootings

— Russell Contreras (@RussContreras)

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