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5 Shots To Master In Golf That Will Help You Become A Pro!

Planning on taking up golf? Here are some shots you will need to master that will help you improve your score and stay ahead of the competition.

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The first stroke in the game originates from the fact that the ball is struck off a tee. If aiming for a long hole the shot might have a long roll and a shallow flight, and if aiming a short hole the stroke might have a higher flight and a short roll.

A fairway shot

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A fairway shot

The shot does not necessarily require a tee to rest the ball upon. Take a “divot” so as to not fall on your back foot on the downswing; square the shoulders and swing swiftly and smoothly. Remember, a shot with a divot done right, is a “nice shot”.


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An even higher approach to strike the ball above an obstacle; usually played with a “sand wedge” or a “lob wedge”. Courses like those at The Els Club Malaysia offer plenty of chances to try such shots out!

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