Mike Chino
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  • Colossal Green Volcano Building Rises in Italy

    Renzo Piano’s supermassive Vulcano Buono has risen just a stone’s throw away from Mt. Vesuvius in Italy, and the completed structure is simply stunning. Inspired by the surrounding landscape Piano’s “good volcano” has a gently sloping profile that rises from the earth as a grassy green knoll. The structures roof is carpeted with a vegetative layer of over 2,500 plants that helps to insulate the interior spaces and reduces the buildings visual impact so that it’s barely visible from space. View Image ›

  • Twenty Incredible Solutions to Save Our Suburbs

    With the current housing crisis, the sub-prime mortgage meltdown, and rising energy costs, the future of suburbia looks bleak. Fortunately, Inhabitat and Dwell have rounded up a group of 20 incredible designs that stand to save our suburbs. From suburban airship infrastructure to freeway urban farms and more, check out the finalists in the Reburbia Competition after the jump.

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