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11 Songs That Totally Should Be Dominating The Radio Right Now.

Your'e probably here because you're in need of some new grooves. Well, you've come to the right place. Get down.

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1. 'Reflections' by MisterWives.


This groovy little number starts off slowly & quite gorgeously, giving that supreme breakdown that just kinda' makes you wanna' throw your hands up in some bits. You feel?

2. 'Happy With Me' by HOLYCHILD.


This track just like, breaks it down. The chorus? Fantastic. A total pop-kiss off that knows how to jam. Just like, supreme stuff here.

3. 'Promises' by Ryn Weaver.


I mean, Ryn Weaver is one of the biggest things in music right now. Her gorgeously massive hit "OctaHate" (which I really recommend listening to, if you haven't) is exploding all over the internet and quite honestly, she deserves it. She is so talented. She delivers the same gorgeous melodies and power in this groove too. GET IT RYN.

4. 'Cherry Lips' by Loon Lake.

I was surpised to hear this song is from all the way back in good ole' 2012, because I had just figured it would have already been killed on the radio because of supreme overplay. But alas, it hasn't, and now it deserves its chance to shine. This jangly little alt-rock part anthem is gonna' get you groovin' for sure.

5. 'Beware The Dog' by The Griswolds.

This is pure unadulterated indie pop touched with some fine melodies sprinkled throughout. They call their sound "tequila inspired party pop" which pretty much hits the nail on the head, no?

6. 'Turnin' by Young Rising Sons.

Young Rising Sons have a really bright career ahead of them if they keeping producing quality bangers like "High" and "Turnin". They're very reminiscent of a band called fun. and if you don't remember them then I guess there isn't any hope. This is solid indie pop at is finest, folks. Revel in it.

7. 'Wasted Love' by BenZel & Stevie Neale.

Wow. This is a grooooove. A downright smooth groove. It's kinda' that funky melody that will sweep you off your feet if you aren't careful. I wouldn't be surprised if this dominates the charts soon. I'm waiting.

9. 'Lemonade" by Sophie.

I don't know what this is. But I know it is a jam. And I like those. If you're into this, check out 'Bipp' and 'Hard' by her as well. Get it girl. Work.

10. 'Land of Gathering' by The Ceremonies.

Soaring harmonies, beautiful touches of throwback synths and some new wave influence sure makes for one hell of a track. This is beautiful. I could cry.

11. 'When The Nigh Time Comes' by Nightbus.

You're probably gonna' be humming this song until you die because that ear-worm of a chorus will get to you when you least expect it. You know how it goes.

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