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These Men Found Out What They'll Look Like In 40 Years And The Results Are Shocking

"Those eyes have seen things..."

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We used AprilAge Inc.'s Age Progression Software to show these three men what they will look like in 40 years time. The software showed each man how their face will age in increments of ten years...ooh lawd!

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The guys started off confident and excited...

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...Some more than others.

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To be fair, the first twenty years of the transformation were tame. There was an increase in under-eye baggage (but tbh what else did they expect?)

And in twenty years time, the fine lines are coming in a wee bit stronger!

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However, by the time they reached their fifties and sixties, the guys were pretty shocked.

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A lifetime of constant sitting and screen time had taken its toll.

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The reality was particularly shocking for Michael, who got to see what he will look like by age 75 if he continues to smoke between 5–15 cigarettes per day.

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In the end, the guys vowed to take even better care of their bodies than they already do. The experience helped remind them (and us!) that what we put in our bodies on a daily basis now, will DEFINITELY have an impact down the line.

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*Puts down the extra slice of pizza....SOBS*

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