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How To Outsmart A SWAT Team

Are SWAT teams good at finding love?

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Welcome to Outsmarted, a show were wits are put to the test in high-stakes situations. Our host Mike has hired a SWAT team to try finding him and putting him in handcuffs. Check it out:

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Clint Armitage is a former SWAT member who now teaches tactical training. He has years of experience and was very confident he would win Mike's strange challenge.

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SWAT teams typically handle the most dangerous situations law enforcement deal with such as hostage rescue situations. Also, they may do search warrants for drugs.

To make matters more interesting, Mike bet Clint he could escape the SWAT team from a building in 15 minutes. If they are able to put Mike in handcuffs in those 15 minutes, Mike will wear a diaper and cross the street.


What the SWAT team didn't know is that Mike spent the last two months planning the perfect escape. SWAT teams are heavily trained to deal with all kinds of dangerous situations. However, they are not trained to deal with loving situations. Therefore, today Mike is going to try escaping a SWAT team using the power of love.

Clint will be leading these three currently active SWAT members in my 'fun little exercise'.

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Keep in mind what they consider a "fun little exercise", Mike considers "doing his best not to get his butt kicked by trained professionals twice his size."

The challenge is set inside a 105 feet by 105 feet cubed space, which contains three sound stages. Mike and Clint agree Mike should have a two minute head start to hide from the SWAT team.


Waiting for the SWAT team inside one sound stage, Mike set up a large television with "play me" written on it. If anyone follows that instruction on the connected laptop they will watch a video Mike recorded of himself in the staircase taunting the SWAT team.

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Mike made this two minute taunting video loop 15 times so it eats up 30 minutes.

The rest of this sound stage is decorated as Mike's evil hideout. He wrote several clues to his whereabouts for the SWAT team on fly swatters and hid them around the room.

In Mike's twisted mind the only hobby of SWAT teams is kicking down doors. So, Mike had several prop doors set up with signs that read "kick me." Mike's goal was to have them kick down the first door, which will bring them to a second door. When they kick down the second door, they will arrive at the third door made of paper.

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If they kick down that paper door they would ruin perfectly good paper.


Mike had the third and final sound stage decorated like a wedding reception. There Mike meets up with three accomplices. Who the :) are these people?

Mike gave each accomplice wedding caterer outfits and paid them to hide in this room. Mike instructs Myia to stand in front of the door holding a fake wedding cake.

When the challenge begins, a SWAT member will aggressively burst in the room. The door will hit Myia and she'll drop the wedding cake.

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This should make the SWAT member feel horrible about ruining the happiest day of someone's life.

Mike's art department created a dessert table with a removable top. Underneath is a secret compartment that matches Mike's exact body dimensions, so he can hide inside it.

After the SWAT team ruins the wedding cake, the caterers will urgently need to make other arrangements. Therein lies the reason for them to exit the building with the table. My brilliant strategy is to make the SWAT team think they've ruined a wedding.


Right after entering the building, Mike heads to the fake wedding reception sound stage. He peacefully lies down in the table coffin and has his accomplices shut the lid on him.

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Will a SWAT member fall right into Mike's trap and ruin the most important of cakes?

Mike's accomplices start wheeling him out of the wedding reception area. They slowly push him through the building. In order to reach the exit, they must pass by the SWAT team.

Will the SWAT team see the cake covered table, get suspicious and light it on fire? Will they feel bad for the caterers and let them go? Will they try taking a bite of the fake cakes and crack their teeth open?

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