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    There Was A Genius "Parks And Rec" Easter Egg In A "Good Place" Episode

    The shows take place in the same universe. This is not a drill!!!

    First of all, if you're not watching The Good Place, you should be. It's clever, it's original, and it's hilarious.

    But more importantly, we now know that it's set in the same universe as showrunner Michael Schur's other NBC hit, Parks and Recreation.

    In the penultimate episode of The Good Place titled "Mindy St. Claire," we see a flashback revealing exactly how Eleanor Shellstrop (Kristen Bell) died.

    In the flashback, she picks up this magazine while at the supermarket:

    *computer, enhance*

    Still don't see it? Let's zoom in one more time:

    That's right. The back cover of the magazine is an advertisement for a cologne made by Dennis Feinstein. You know, this guy:

    Which means that while she was still on earth, Eleanor inhabited the same world as Leslie, Ron, and everyone else in Pawnee!!!!!!

    Michael Schur, you clever dog.

    This, of course, only poses more questions. Like, how would Leslie and Ben react if they found out one of the demons looks EXACTLY LIKE BEN?!

    And would April prefer The Good Place or The Bad Place?

    Time to start your wild speculation about which Parks And Rec characters would end up in The Good Place and which would end up in The Bad Place.

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