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Who You Going To Call? Phone Busters! A CYBER MONDAY EXCLUSIVE!

A phone can explode in your hand? The recent release of some phones are very dangerous!

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No more phone monsters! Phone busters are here!


2016 has been the year of the unprecedented. There have been several events that have taken turns for the worse. In the smartphone industry this is no difference. Unwanted devices have entered the mobile industry leaving the world questioning which phone will explode next! Who are you going to call to save the day? Phone busters! It's almost time to make a decision. The choice of phone is yours but we are here to guide you in the ones not to choose. Phone busters is here to get rid of the unwanted "MONSTERS" that are looking to take the nearest ear into captivity.

Choices! Choices! Choices! Phone busters have two popular but dreadful phones that are monsters. We advise you to stay away until further notice. The first phone is the note 7. There have been several reports of issues with this phone. One major issue is it exploding when it over heats. This phone is not something you want to use when it's not in the best of moods. It also has been recalled before for other reasons. This is the first phone to stay away from until further notice!


The other phone to stay away from is the new IPhone 7. Although your worries are less with this phone, staying away from it is reasonable because of issues with functionality. Yes the phone comes with an amazing camera but that does not make up for the annoying jack that has to be used as a charger and headphone outlet. What happens when you want to do both at the same time? Looks like you have to buy another piece. The battery life on the phone is not the best so if you plan on being out and about for an extended period of time you better have your portable charger ready! Save your money and run until Phone busters comes to the source of this crime scene.


Even though these phones are highly publicized they are not the best to win this cyber Monday! My number one phone to choose to enhance your life and keep the monsters away is the Android Galaxy J7! This smartphone has an amazing camera, a 3GB storage system and the power life that both previous discussed phones lack. The best part is it will not explode on you!! This is "Phone Busters" Cyber Monday choice!

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