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10 Signs You're The Really Competitive One Out Of Your Friends

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1. You do the whole one-upmanship without even realising it.

2. You put yourself into dangerous situations just to "win".

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Your mates just jumped off a rope swing? Cool, you're now going to try to find a higher rope swing.

3. And you don't understand the meaning of "taking it easy"

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You play to win. Always. Even if no one else is playing.

4. You even compete when it comes to buying rounds.

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This is you after having a few too many because you know you have to keep up with the lads.

5. If you lose (rarely), you're a bit of a sore loser...

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*trying not to look frustrated*

6. losing to you just isn't an option, and you take it pretty hard.

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7. And you're always blaming your friends if you do lose or have some type of excuse.

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"I wasn't ready" —your motto

8. However, on the flip side, you're a horrible winner too.

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You've definitely said "suck it" a few more times than normal to your friends.

9. You get nervous when someone suggests facing off in something you're not really into...

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...because you might lose.

10. You've even turned everyday happenings into deadly serious events.

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Handshakes. That's now a full-time competitive sport to you. High fives. Now a sport. Even calling shotgun with your mates. Now a sport.

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