What It’s Like When You Attempt A Pinterest Craft

That thing you saw on Pinterest looks so easy. And fun! A child could probably do it, you think. And then you begin.

1. You see something on Pinterest and think … yes!

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2. I have a free half hour. I can do this!

3. You assemble all your supplies.

4. Best. Day. Ever!

5. Then you reach step one and are like, the fuck?

6. Melt the who over what now?

7. You take a moment to think the worst of people.

8. OK, all better. Step four: Grab your … huh?

10. What does that even MEAN?

12. NO. I don’t need any help thank you very much STOP LOOKING AT ME!

13. You take another moment.

14. Step 27. Wait. What? Twenty seven? Why is this happening to me!

16. Then suddenly … a revelation.

17. You slather on step 35. Slap on step 42. Boom. That shit’s done.

18. You post a photo and all your friends are like:

19. And you say: It’s flawless, that’s what it is.

20. So yes, tell me more about how it’s not perfect.

21. I’ll be right here, giving all the fucks.

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