26 Signs You Grew-Up Doing Children’s Theater

Baby, you’re a star.

1. This was on your wall

2. You tried to convince your parents to adopt a Jellicle Cat.

3. You owned this shirt

5. You secretly wished you were an orphan so your Annie would have a greater emotional depth.

6. You knew the importance of a good vocal warm-up.

7. After being cast as the caterpillar, you decided you were a character actor.

8. This seemed like a good idea.

9. This was your go to audition song.

10. You recast every movie with yourself as the lead.

11. This was your prized possession.

12. Your first kiss was at a cast party.

13. You had amazing headshots.

14. You were a triple threat.

15. Everyone agreed your monologue was totally better than Laura’s. Who cares if her dad is a producer? You have talent and that’s all that matters.

16. You wrote “Phantom” fan fiction.

17. You were totally into Roger.

18. Your parents accused you of being overly dramatic.

19. You taught yourself all the “Newsies” choreography.

20. You know that the tallest one plays the adult.

22. This movie was so…like…your life.

23. You lived and died by the cast list.

24. And you were thrilled when you got a call-back.

25. You performed highly inappropriate monologues for an 11-year-old.

26. And you knew no matter what, no matter how many times you missed a part, forgot a line, or stupid Laura got cast in a regional mattress commercial, the show must go on.

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