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    26 Products You’ll Wish You’d Known About Sooner

    These items are so useful!

    1. This toilet night light clips to the side of your toilet bowl and is motion censored, so that your late-night potty breaks don’t end with a late-night mess.

    2. These boxer briefs with a built-in front pocket will make you feel like a kangaroo. You can zip all your necessities in the front pouch — just avoid putting anything sharp in there!

    3. Did you know eyeliner stamps exist? You simply stamp one end of the stick to your eye to create the perfect wing, and use the other end to fill out the line. Plus, it’s waterproof and long-lasting, making getting ready easy-peasy!

    4. This coffee mug storage stacker will help free up valuable cabinet space, without you risking any broken or chipped mugs.

    5. These BedBands are basically suspenders for your bedsheets. Clip them to your bedding and wake up to perfect sheets every day.

    6. A blackhead remover vacuum that’ll suck out the gunk trapped in your skin, and leave your face much cleaner and fresher.

    7. This car windshield cover will come in very handy after a long, heavy snowfall. Simply remove the cover and drive off with a smile because you didn't have to scrape your windows.

    8. With a pair of leaf scoops, picking up leaves will be a breeze. That is, unless there’s an actual breeze and they blow away.

    9. This stainless steel strainer ladle is the two-in-one tool you never knew you needed. Whoever realized a strainer could just be a ladle with holes was an actual genius.

    10. Not only is this portable car trash can a practical purchase, but it's also super compact. Meaning you can use it in the car, bring it to the game, or even take it camping.

    11. Ever wonder how stores get their clothes folded perfectly? They use a folding board! Now your closet will look like it's been organized by Marie Kondo.

    12. Save yourself a trip to vet with this at-home checkup kit for your dog. It’ll help detect signs of diabetes, kidney conditions, UTI, and blood in their urine — all in just 60 seconds.

    13. Know exactly when you're ovulating with this Bluetooth thermometer. It connects to several tracking apps for IOS and Android, so you know when your window of opportunity is.

    14. This "You Said You Wanted Nothing" gift box is just the thing everyone asks for. 100% useless, but 100% hilarious.

    15. This metal hanger stacker will make organizing your hangers as easy as hanging your clothes. Prevent them from breaking and tangling in the future!

    16. Move furniture without making a sound with these furniture surface tiles. Simply apply them to the bottom of your couch, chairs, tables, nightstands, and any other furniture item that scratches and screeches against your floors.

    17. Make the perfect egg or pancake with some cooking rings. Even Gordon Ramsay will have to give you credit for your impeccable breakfast display.

    18. This bestselling mouth guard kit will mould to help prevent teeth grinding. It can alternatively also be used as a guard for sport or a teeth whitening tray.

    19. This anti-thinning shampoo is praised for helping thicken the appearance of thinning hair. It works to hydrate your scalp, deduce dryness, all while being vegan-friendly and all-natural.

    20. No need to wine — you can now have chilled wine on the go with this stainless steel tumbler. It’s insulated, so you can use it for coffee or coffee with Baileys.

    21. Bikers will love this touch screen cell phone saddlebag. It clips on to your bicycle handlebar and protects your phone from all weather conditions. So even if you're one of those crazy people who bike in the snow, your phone will be okay!

    22. The FlexiSnake drain millipede is a fan favourite. It digs deep into your drains to pull out clogged hairs, and although the sight ain't pretty, it's certainly effective.

    23. Never smudge your eyeshadow with these makeup stencil pads. Environment-friendly and comfortable to use, these pads are great for eyelash extensions, perming, tining, lip lining, and more.

    24. This automatic electric can opener opens lids with the touch of a button. Great for senior citizens and people with disabilities, this nifty kitchen tool will help you get easy access to all the chicken noodle soup.

    25. A sponge bottle brush will help cut your dish time in half. Fill the bottom with dish soap and watch how quick tough food stains come off.

    26. Last but not least, this watermelon slicer is so easy to use, even a five-year-old could do it... Under the supervision of an adult, of course!

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