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    Why It's Important To Get Your Heartbroken

    "Don't Wanna Break Your Heart" ... Or Do I?

    Love is great, it's awesome, and honestly it's annoyingly adorable.

    Disney's Pixar

    Whether you're male, female, trans, dog, cat, fish, etc - LOVE IS SO FUCKING MAGICAL!


    One day you're on Cloud Nine, picking out the wedding song for you and your special someone, WHEN OUT OF NO WHERE THEY END IT:

    Warner Bros.

    Suddenly your life comes crashing down and you just don't know what to do with yourself.

    The CW

    And your friends try giving you advice but it somehow doesn't fix a broken heart.

    You Deserve A Drink

    At first you may take out your anger by posting a photo to Instagram with a sassy caption to show that you are FUMING.

    Hollywood Records

    You may change your look or your wardrobe because you are young, wild, and SINGLE.


    THEN you might start hitting the gym because AIN'T NOBODY gonna just pick up and leave you and NOT regret doing so.


    You'll find yourself starting to pursue your passions.

    Paramount Pictures

    You'll learn to fake being SO happy that eventually you will actually be VERY happy.

    Universal Pictures

    You're going to start going out again and dressing up BECAUSE YOU CAN!


    Until that faithful day when you receive that text/call/snap/etc from your EX and they look at how far you've come, and now they want a piece of you.

    Epic / Sony / Metro Lyrics

    It will be in that moment that you'll realize that having your heartbroken was the best thing that could have ever happen to you. Cause ain't no man/woman/person gonna make you feel anything but FLAWLESS.

    Because once someone has broken your heart you realize how to LOVE YOURSELF more than you ever did before <3

    Republic Record
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