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    18 Things You Need If You Stay Up Late All The Time

    Sleep all day, awake all night.

    1. This starry night sky projector lamp will set the late night vibes in any room. You can enjoy the serenity of the open night sky in the comfort of your bed.

    2. If you're more of a party night owl, this sleek, easy-to-carry 12 ounce stainless steel flask will make BYOB super-convenient!

    3. Take on the town with some red-hot ankle heels! They’re comfy, and the zipper makes them very easy to put on (and take off, when you come back home at dawn)!

    4. This clutch comes with a shoulder chain, and is perfect for the night owl on the go. It's classy enough for work and casual enough for the club.

    5. f you work night shifts and worry about what your pets or kids are doing while you’re gone, this smart home security camera will help you keep an eye on all the activities in your home through an app.

    6. A memory foam back pillow is a blessing for anyone studying or working late night. Whether you have to write a last-minute paper or want to sit and binge an entire Netflix series, this pillow has got your back.

    7. If you are the kind of bookworm who got scolded for reading the dark as a kid, this LED book light is just what you need. With five light settings, simply clamp the lamp, flip the switch, and read away! The lights in your room can remain off.

    8. If physical books are taking too much space in your home, invest in a waterproof Kindle. This model has double the storage space than its predecessors. Stay up late reading a good book, and when you finish, simply download a new book with one click! Who needs sleep anyway?

    9. If you work on your computer at night, a comfortable desk chair makes for a more alert and enjoyable experience. This bestselling desk chair is upholstered with black leather and has padded seat and back support for comfort all night long. Freelancers, this could be your best friend!

    10. Late-night gamers will appreciate these Bluetooth wireless headphones with a built-in microphone. Now you can enjoy the sound of your favourite game without keeping your roommate up all night with you.

    11. This portable foldable table makes it easy to watch your favourite show in bed without having to reposition yourself, like, 30 different ways. It's also great if you want to work from your bed, or enjoy a snack without crumbing up your sheets.

    12. Take your movie nights to the next level with this hot air popcorn popper. This machine has 4.5 stars on Amazon Canada with reviewers loving the fact that it can make 18 cups of popcorn from just one batch! It's great for anyone who loves hosting.

    13. The Nintendo Switch makes time fly on long commutes and sleepless nights. Whether you want to plug-and-play on your TV screen, or kill monsters under your blanket, this baby does it all.

    14. If you're going to stay up and look at a screen all night, you need some blue light-blocking glasses. Screens produce ultraviolet radiation that can damage our eyes. These bestselling glasses will make sure your eyes are always protected.

    15. If you're staying up late because of a special someone, try this fun, flirty, and romantic card game that's sure to spice up your life (and theirs)!

    16. This personal massager is sure to make your awake time very, very enjoyable.

    17. This iPhone charger cable pack comes with five cords of varying lengths. My favourite is the 10-foot cord, which allows you to use and charge your phone all night without you being restricted to sleeping on one side.

    18. And lastly, if you’re a night owl who actually wants to sleep well, this organic hemp oil can help reduce stress and anxiety for a more peaceful sleep. It can also help relieve pain and inflammation.

    You to yourself every night: