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    19 Products That Will Cleanse Your Soul

    *blasts Lizzo's "Good As Hell"*

    1. Start every day off with this bestselling gratitude journal. With a 52-week guide that teaches you how to become more thankful, you’ll be in a good mood in no time.

    2. This Zen As F*ck Journal is for those of us looking to deal with our emotions, but in a way that cuts through the B.S.

    3. Some Hey Girl sleep tea will help ease your stress, making for a peaceful and relaxing nighttime slumber.

    4. This inspirational bracelet will give you a friendly (but firm) reminder to not give up and not to put up with bad behaviour.

    5. Nothing is more satisfying than being given the task to destroy something. Wreck This Journal is exactly what it claims to be. It’s a journal that gives you one simple task: wreck it! Instead of taking out all your frustrations on your ex’s car, you can take them out on this book.

    6. Dr. Teal's lavender foaming bath liquid is a bestselling bath product that will leave you feeling truly refreshed after a long day.

    7. This vanity mirror with 21 LED lights will enlighten you every time you look in the mirror. Yes, I woke up like this, and yes, I look FLAWLESS.

    8. These adorable affirmation cards help you help yourself — without making you feel self-centered. With 50 prompts, you’ll find yourself falling in love with who you are, one card at a time.

    9. Sometimes we get stressed out with good reason, and sometimes we get stressed out over nothing! Regardless of the reason, this adult colouring book will help uplift you with some unique words, so that you learn to just relax.

    10. This cult favourite clay mask has over 3,000 positive reviews on Amazon Canada and is a sure-fire way to make your skin feel amazing. Which, in turn, will make you feel amazing!

    11. Light up this aromatherapy de-stressing candle for your pets to help them breathe and be at peace while at home. This vet-recommended candle comes in handy for pets who are afraid of thunderstorms.

    12. This bestselling sensual body massage oil will soothe your tired skin, so that your whole body feels rejuvenated. Use this oil with a partner for a truly enjoyable stay-at-home spa experience.

    13. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned pro, this bestselling yoga mat with a carrying strap will help you out. Get those endorphins pumping and you'll truly start to feel at ease.

    14. Starting off every morning with some yoga blocks will allow you to improve your balance, stability, and get a deep stretch. I personally believe warming up your muscles will help anyone calm down, but I know that's a stretch for some people to believe.

    15. Unfu*k Yourself: Get Out Of Your Head and Into Your Life is a New York Times bestseller that gives an honest, tough-love approach to help you break through your own limitations.

    16. Gift these bath bombs infused with organic essential oils to anyone who seems like they could use some rest and relaxation.

    17. An essential oil diffuser will de-stink any space and will also allow you to cleanse your home of any negative energy.

    18. Fuck This Shit Show is a self-reflection book that asks the hard hitting questions. Like who was the "asshole of the day" in your life.

    19. Last but not least, Lizzo's "Cuz I Love You" Album will make you feel "Good As Hell," all while cleansing your soul of any bad thoughts. Self-love and self-care are in, people! Self-loathing and negative thoughts are out.

    Baby, how you feeling?