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    26 Products That’ll Make Your Day Go From Zero To 100 Real Quick

    Why feel like a zero when you could feel like a hero?

    1. This cult favourite clay mask has over 3,000 positive reviews on Amazon Canada and is a sure-fire way to make your skin feel amazing. Which, in turn, will make you feel amazing!

    2. These bestselling reusable storage bags have the same use as regular plastic sandwich bags, but you'll be greatly reducing your environmental footprint. Travel with the food you love while helping save the planet.

    3. This scalp massager can help you relieve all that built-up tension in your body. This bestselling product has 4.3 stars on Amazon Canada and is praised for its multipurpose use of being not only a massager, but also a hairbrush.

    4. These adorable bestselling cat gel pens will have just about anyone saying "I want them all right meow!" Imagine being able to subtly let the world know that you're a cat person without even having to say a word – how purrfect would that be?

    5. A sponge bottle brush will help cut your dish time in half. Fill the bottom with dish soap and watch how quick tough food stains come off. Now you have more time to watch catch up on all your favs on Disney+.

    6. These elegant hair clips will become your new fav style accessory. This bestselling eight-piece set includes triangle, moon, ribbon, and circle bobby pins in brass and silver colours. It takes minimal effort to apply, but it’ll look like you spent hours perfecting your look.

    7. This Groot flower pot is the perfect gift for a Guardians Of The Galaxy fan. Use it to put your plants in, your keys, your writing utensils — heck, you could even use it as your piggy bank!

    8. Steal a few moments of relaxation with this diffuser disguised as a cactus. Your office and home will smell great, all while making you look like a great plant parent (but without the immense responsibility)!

    9. Start every day off with this bestselling gratitude journal. With a 52-week guide that will teach you how to become more thankful, you’ll be in a good mood in no time.

    10. Never smudge your eyeshadow with these makeup stencil pads. Eco-friendly and comfortable to use, these pads are great for eyelash extensions, perming, tinting, lip lining, and more.

    11. The FlexiSnake drain millipede is a fan favourite. It digs deep into your drains to pull out clogged hairs, and although the sight ain't pretty, it's certainly effective.

    12. Make the perfect egg or pancake with some cooking rings. Even Gordon Ramsay will have to give you credit for your impeccable breakfast display.

    13. Ever wonder how stores get their clothes folded perfectly? They use a folding board! Now your closet will look like it's been organized by Marie Kondo. All you'll need is that Tan France approval to ensure your outfits are as perfect as your folding.

    14. These king size rolling paper cones are made for those of us who enjoy the company of Mary Jane, but suck at the art of rolling.

    15. This coffee mug storage stacker will help free up valuable cabinet space, without you risking any broken or chipped mugs. Now you can keep all your tacky mugs safe!

    16. A beard shaper and styling tool is a game-changer for anyone who wants to keep their beard looking freshly groomed all day, every day. With this, you'll give Jason Momoa a run for his money.

    17. Bake something that will put you into a good mood with this Marijuana Edibles cookbook. We highly recommend this cookbook to anyone who's had a tough week.

    18. This adorable pet raincoat will protect your four-legged pal from the rain while keeping them fashionable AF. They’ll be the goodest, dryest boy around! Just be warned, the other dogs may get jealous that your dog is not wet and looking really stylish.

    19. The revolutionary TubShroom will catch all your post-shower hairs so that you don't have to. Now you can shed your hair freely without worrying about backing up your pipes. Just be warned you may gross yourself out when you see how much hair you have.

    20. A jade roller is the perfect skin care tool you’ll wish you’d bought sooner. It works to tighten your skin, reduce puffiness, fade dark circles, and helps absorb skincare products better. Using one of these bad boys will help wake up your skin so it appears healthier.

    21. Multi-taskers will LOVE this dual breakfast sandwich maker. This kitchen appliance can make two breakfast sandwiches in under five minutes! It fits English muffins, bagels, and biscuits. Let this machine make your sandwich while you get dressed.

    22. A "clean or dirty" dishwasher magnet is a simple but GENIUS way of letting everyone in your household know whether or not the dishes in the wash are good to use or not. Simply just rotate the magnet to indicate if it's clean or dirty – it's that easy!

    23. The dish squeegee effectively clears leftover food from your dishes. Nobody wants to accidentally touch old lasagna sauce. Simply wipe it off and save yourself the cleaning hassle.

    24. Okay, I've just learned of the SockDock sock organizer and WOW what a genius product! Have you ever lost your socks to the mysterious unknown, also known as the dryer? Never let that happened again with this nifty tool. Just fasten your dirty socks to the rope, toss it in the washer, and be amazed that all your socks haven’t disappeared.

    25. A tongue scraper will come in handy for tackling bad breath and removing any residue from your tongue that your toothbrush simply can't reach.

    26. Last but not least, Crest Charcoal toothpaste is a great addition to anyone's cart who is looking to whiten their teeth. Just look at my results after only a couple of uses! I can't praise this toothpaste enough. Get that picture perfect ready smile you've always wanted (at a super affordable cost).

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