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    23 Things That'll Make Your Locker Your Favourite Little Space

    These things will make you want to be stuffed into your locker.

    Whether it’s at school, work, or the gym, nearly everyone will have the privilege of using a locker at some point. Make it shine with some of these neat locker related products!

    1. This four-digit combo lock will protect all your possessions. No need to worry about your locker getting broken into with this securing it!

    2. Decorate your locker walls with this marble adhesive wallpaper. Easy to install and tear off, this wallpaper transforms your plain old locker into a luxury cabinet.

    3. These cactus magnets allow you to have a plant in your locker without the responsibility of having to keep it alive.

    4. This insulated bottle can handle both hot and cold beverages, so you can put your coffee or water your locker... or your wine (lockers don't only exist in schools, y'know)!

    5. This bestselling windproof umbrella is a life saviour! Sometimes Mother Nature pulls a fast one and changes the weather without warning. This umbrella is compact and will fit right in your locker so you're always prepared.

    6. Add a little more warmth to your locker with some personal magnetic picture frames. They'll remind you to give your mom a call, or that bangs continue to be a bad idea since grade nine.

    7. Store your go-to toiletries or makeup in this waterproof travel bag. It can be zipped to become compact, or hung vertically with a hook, so it's perfect to save space and stay organized.

    8. No matter what the season, your locker can always look like a tropical paradise with these cute and summery fridge magnets.

    9. If you want to take locker security to the next level, this fingerprint padlock is what you need. If you share your locker with someone, worry not! You can authenticate up to 20 fingerprints.

    10. With a folding shelf, you’ll be able to use all the vertical space in your locker. Organize your items over and under it, and it'll essentially double up your storage. It's specially designed for lockers.

    11. If you leave clothes, shoes, or snacks in your locker, you'll need these reusable bamboo charcoal air fresheners. Simply drop them in and they’ll absorb any odours naturally. They also help to prevent mold, mildew, and bacteria.

    12. Make the trip to your locker a fun one with these magnetic Scrabble tiles. This bestselling set comes with 112 wooden magnets. You can spell out cute messages and reminders for yourself (or your locker buddy)!

    13. You should always have some gum handy. Post-morning coffee needs to be followed by some minty freshness. Plus this gum is sugar-free, natural, non-GMO, and vegan!

    14. A cute zippered pencil case will make sure you always have backup stationery (or eyeliner)!

    15. This bestselling magnetic dry erase whiteboard is great for writing down reminders and making a to-do list for your day. You can also just doodle on it and have your temporary art hanging in your locker!

    16. These magnetic hooks may look small, but they'll carry your towel, robe, or purse without a problem. Make vertical storage easier and more efficient with a set of these.

    17. If you've never heard of Tide To Go sticks, then WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? This magical pen instantly removes stains moments after they happen. I personally carry one in my backpack and one in my locker.

    18. Keeping a long-sleeved cardigan in your locker will make sure you stay warm. Plus, it's so sleek that even on your worst days, this cardigan will give you a professional look.

    19. If you love plush toys, this adorable panda magnet is just what you need to add to your locker. Look at how cute these are!

    20. Some face and hand wipes are extremely useful for a post-workout face, or post-snacking hands. They remove dirt and makeup and are extremely gentle for all skin types.

    21. You never know when you'll meet a cute dog, and then need a lint roller for all the dog hair on your clothes. This reusable one can be used over and over again to remove pet hair, fuzz, and lint to ensure you're always looking your most polished.

    22. Keep a set of these high quality wireless earbuds in your locker so you never forget to bring earphones. Workouts without music are NOT fun. These have over 2,000 positive reviews on Amazon Canada!

    23. Last but not least, keep this mini rechargeable disco ball in your locker to give it some extra personality. A party locker will always put you in the mood for fun after the gym!

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