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    20 Things That’ll Make You 100% That Witch

    Your DNA results came back, and it turns out that you love Halloween.

    1. This T-shirt will make sure muggles everywhere know that you aren’t one of them, but that you still enjoy a grande pumpkin spice latte every once in a while.

    2. With spiffy witch shoes like these, no one will dare question your commitment to the haunted festivities – if you’ve got it, haunt it!

    3. A stainless steel Jason mask ring will help creep out your co-workers this Halloween — or really any Friday the 13th during the year.

    4. Get write to the point with these Halloween-themed pens. They'll have your co-workers saying, "Oh my gourd, these pens are adorable!"

    5. This gorgeous crystal snake bracelet is a fun accessory to your collection that's sure to snake things up a notch.

    6. A polyster pumpkin suit and tie is not only office-friendly, but will also look boo-tiful on you.

    7. If the suit feels like overkill, these festive cotton socks are a great alternative. You’ll be able to stan Halloween in secret without the judgment.

    8. Some Halloween nail art will give your fingers that festive pop. With a stainless steel stamping plate, you’ll attain some spooky designs that will have your friends saying, “You nailed it!”

    9. Little witches and wizards in training can rock this awesome kids pumpkin bubblegum bead necklace.

    10. These easy-to-peel off Halloween stickers are just what your laptop needs to get into the holiday spirit! They’ll add a wicked touch that will ensure no one mistakes you for a mere mortal.

    11. A decorative bandana is a must for any Halloween lover's pet. You can't claim to love all things spooky if you don't make your pet look spooktacular.

    12. With some pet bat wings people will start confusing your cat for a bat and your dog for a demon. Every pet owner needs to allow their pets to spread their wings once in a while — might as well let them do so during Halloween!

    13. If lips could kill, this hydrating dark lipstick from Burt’s Bees would do the trick. Moisturize your lips while they mesmerize everyone around you. would do the trick. Moisturize your lips while you mesmerize everyone around you.

    14. Pregnant witches can rejoice with this adorable maternity T-shirt. It’ll make your little pumpkin’s impending arrival that much more exciting.

    15. These spider web eyelashes will lure prey into your web of witchy witchcraft. They'll really help pull attention away from your resting witch face and onto your eyelashes!

    16. A stainless steel Jack Skellington charm bracelet will help ward off any evil spirits that may come your way... Okay, perhaps it won't do that, but it will certainly look bomb AF on your wrist.

    17. And you can add more Halloween-themed charms to your bracelet! With over 100 unique charms, this set will have you adjusting your charms on the daily to suit your spooky mood.

    18. To infinity (scarf) and beyond, this spiderweb infinity scarf will keep you warm this autumn. Let's just hope no bugs get stuck in your scarf like they would in a real spiderweb.

    19. This bestselling vintage pumpkin dress will make you the belle of the ball — or, in this case, the belle of the patch. It’s casual but still good enough to be taken seriously in the workplace.

    20. Last of all, harness your witchy power with this cute witch necklace pendant. You might not be able to carry around your broomstick 24/7, but at least a necklace is portable enough to have the same effect.

    Mirror, mirror on the mall, who's the baddest witch of them all? (It's you, duh!)