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    25 Items Under $10 That You Should Already Own

    Who knew you could get so much for just $10?!

    1. This cat with glasses watch is the purrfect addition to any cat-obssessed person's wardrobe. Litterally, your coworkers are sure to be jealous, fur real.

    2. A rose quartz healing crystal radiates a calming warmth that every room could use. Shaped like a pyramid, this crystal will make any space look beautiful and remove negative energy from it.

    3. A beard shaper and styling tool is a game-changer for anyone who wants to keep their beard looking freshly groomed all day, every day.

    4. These simplistic metal hair clips will make you look fashion photoshoot-ready in seconds. Minimal effort required!

    5. These king size rolling paper cones are made for those of us who enjoy the company of Mary Jane, but suck at the art of rolling.

    6. Travellers will love this gold world map pillowcase. Now whenever you take a nap, you can be dreaming about your next adventure abroad.

    7. Rather than tossing your underwear on your computer chair, try organizing them in this drawer organizers. With two storage cells, you'll be able to keep your clothes neatly placed and actually get full use of THE CHAIR.

    8. This bestselling knitted winter hat is available in 58 colours, meaning you can combat the impending doom that is the cold weather, all while looking fashionable.

    9. An over-the-door organizer is awesome for anyone looking to store more in a small space. Shoes, hats, scarfs, or toiletries — the list of items you can store in this is endless.

    10. How stunning are these seven crystal cuff earings? Diamonds, whether real or fake, are everyone's best friend!

    11. This stylish adjustable belt has no holes, and the specially designed non-metal buckle will clasp shut wherever you want it to! It can even be cut and readjusted to any length you like.

    12. A lotus-shapped cotton swab holder is a super cute decorative reminder that your ears need cleaning. It'll look great next to your bathroom sink!

    13. This stainless steel odour-absorbing soap works wonders for anyone who loves cooking, but hates having garlic-scented hands. Simply rub some soap and watch as the nasty smell of fish and onions wash away!

    14. Clench your thirst with this leakproof bottle with straw. Designed with anti-fall protection, this water bottle will become an athlete's best friend at the gym.

    15. Get a pack of 100 assorted stickers if you're looking to give your laptop, skateboard, bike, car, or anything else really, an extra special touch of personality.

    16. These adorable cat gel pens will have just about anyone saying "I want them all right meow"!

    17. These bestselling reusable storage bags have the same use as regular plastic sandwich bags, but you'll be greatly reducing your environmental footprint. Travel with the food you love all while helping save the planet.

    18. Some cute decorative magnets are sure to make any magnetic surface seem more warm and inviting. Hang reminders and messages for your loved ones using these on your fridge or locker.

    19. This four-inch iPhone charger will make sure your precious phone never dies when you need it most. You can never have too many chargers!

    20. If you've never tried a scalp massager, your life is about to change for the better. This bestselling silicone massager helps reduce stress, and when used in the shower, it helps shampoo lather better and promotes scalp health.

    21. This pair of plant hangers will help your apartment achieve full-on boho chic status. Being an indoor plant parent never looked so cute!

    22. Keep your tabletops dry with these trendy retro vinyl coasters. They make a great gift for anyone with a passion for music!

    23. Keep your headphones nice and safe with a protective AirPod case. It can be clipped on to your belt buckle or backpack, so you never forget them somewhere!

    24. These LED string lights can transform any space into a twinkly winter wonderland. This set of four battery-operated six-foot strings will do just that for you! They're the perfect decoration for any occasion.

    25. And lastly, new drivers will LOVE this rotatable blind spot mirror that is self-adhesive and sticks to your rearview mirrors. Parallel parking has never been easier!

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