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    29 Genius Products That Even Einstein Would Be Impressed With

    These products deserve a Nobel Prize.

    1. This electric shovel is the BEST 👏 THING 👏 I’VE 👏 SEEN 👏 ALL 👏 DAY! 👏 It’s quick and easy to use, making cleaning up your deck, stairs, sidewalk, and driveway a breeze. It can move up to 400 lbs of snow per minute!

    2. The BAKblade is a back hair removal body shaver that works to trim hard-to-reach places. This pain-free tool works on wet or dry skin, so you can manage the forest you have growing on your back.

    3. This John Frieda hot air brush is great for anyone who wants salon-quality hair all day, every day! Why call it a “hot air brush” when we should call it “God’s gift to hair”?

    4. This batter dispenser tool is a must-have for any avid baker. It’ll allow you to dispense the perfect amount of batter and get a gorgeous-looking final product. If you suck at making pancakes (I certainly do!), then this may just be the thing for you.

    5. The Wittle Finger pinch guard, a soft foam door stopper that helps prevent fingers from getting slammed, and from pets getting accidentally locked indoors.

    6. A clothes-folding board that’ll make your closet look like it’s been organized by Marie Kondo. All you’ll need is that Tan France approval to ensure your outfits are as perfect as your folding is.

    7. A pet hair removal glove will allow you to continue to love your furry critter, but shed yourself of their fur. You’ll keep your house free of pet hair while giving your pet the massage of their lives.

    8. The SockDock sock organizer will be your saviour if you’ve ever lost socks the mysterious unknown, aka the dryer. Just fasten your dirty socks to the rope, toss it in the washer, and be amazed that all your socks haven’t disappeared.

    9. This multi-purpose food slicer works exactly like a paper cutter, except it's for food. If you're not great at chopping, or simply shouldn't be trusted with a knife cause you're a klutz (guilty!) then this kitchen appliance has your name written all over it.

    10. The revolutionary TubShroom will catch all your post-shower hairs so that you don't have to. Now you can shed your hair freely without worrying about backing up your pipes. Just be warned, you may get a little grossed out when you see how much hair it captures.

    11. This laundry detergent cup caddy slides under any laundry detergent, helping to avoid any unwanted drips or spills, and making your laundry experience an easy one.

    12. These BedBands are basically suspenders for your bedsheets. Clip them to your bedding and wake up to perfect sheets every day.

    13. This three-sheet duster works to clean those hard-to-reach places. This helpful gadget will ensure that those dust bunnies that have been living in your vents finally get cleared out.

    14. With a 2-in-1 spatula and tong, you'll start to wonder why these two were ever separated in the first place.

    15. This scalp massager can help you relieve all that built-up tension in your body. This bestselling product has 4.3 stars on Amazon Canada and is praised for its multipurpose use of being not only a massager, but also a hairbrush.

    16. These coffee mug storage stackers will help free up valuable cabinet space, without you risking any broken or chipped mugs. Now you can keep all your tacky mugs safe!

    17. This genetic DNA test helps you discover future potential health and wellness problems, as well as point out your ancestry. Now you can truly say "I just took a DNA test" like Lizzo, and actually mean it!

    18. These bestselling reusable storage bags have the same use as regular plastic sandwich bags, but you'll be greatly reducing your environmental footprint. Travel with the food you love while helping save the planet.

    19. A sponge bottle brush will help cut your dish time in half. Fill the bottom with dish soap and watch how quick tough food stains come off. Now you have more time to watch catch up on all your favs on Disney+.

    20. Parents everyone are using this baby car seat cover to keep their little ones warm this holiday season. The ultra-plush fleece collar flips open for security and snaps closed for extra warmth, all while framing your child’s adorable head.

    21. A "clean or dirty" dishwasher magnet is a simple but GENIUS way of letting everyone in your household know whether or not the dishes in the wash are good to use or not.

    22. This cult-fave Aquapaw suctions to your shower wall, and you just fill it with a treat (like peanut butter!) when it’s bathtime for your pet. Not only will this distract them as they lick to their heart’s content, but it will make cleaning them less of a hassle.

    23. Did you know eyeliner stamps exist? You simply stamp one end of the stick to your eye to create the perfect wing, and use the other end to fill out the line. Plus, it’s waterproof and long-lasting, making getting ready easy-peasy!

    24. The dish squeegee will help you clear leftover food from your dishes. Nobody wants to accidentally touch old lasagna sauce! Simply squeegee it off.

    25. With the Oral B Genius X electric toothbrush you'll wonder how you were ever able to brush your teeth before. It has AI technology that learns your brushing habits to help you improve your overall dental health. Like, “Great brushing today Tim, but you didn’t get your back molars, better luck next time!”

    26. This car windshield cover will come in very handy after a long, heavy snowfall. Simply remove the cover and drive off with a smile because you didn't have to scrape your windows.

    27. These backseat car mats will not only help organize your space, but they’ll also prevent any shoe prints from staining the back of the seats.

    28. This under-desk headphone mount helps keep your headphones out of sight, but easy to reach. With this, you’ll have way more room for the ever-growing collection of coffee cups on your desk.

    29. Last but not least, the Mighty Mug is the travel cup that doesn’t fall down, no matter how hard you try. But even though it has a strong base, it’s super light to carry.

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