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    25 Gifts To Give To Yourself If You’ve Had A Long Week

    You deserve these things after the week you've had.

    Life's hard! You deserve to treat yourself, especially when you've had one of those weeks. Check out these nifty products that are sure to turn your "meh" week into a "yah" week.

    1. Fuck Off, I'm Coloring is the colouring book you need when you just want to be left alone. Colour the hell out of this swear word book and notice how happier you'll be after.

    2. Every artist needs a deluxe art set to ensure they have all the art supplies they need to colour. With pencil crayons, oil pastels, watercolours, paintbrushes, and accessories, you might as well change your name to Picasso for the weekend.

    3. Wine about your horrible week with this bottle-sized wine glass. With the words “I Need A Hug...e Glass of Wine” on the bottle, people can probably guess the type of week you just had.

    4. If you're in a hurry and can't sit for a drink, take one with you with this bestselling portable stainless steel flask. Some people may disapprove, but others will call you a multi-tasker.

    5. Massage away the stress of your week with this scalp massager. This bestselling product has 4.5 stars and is praised for its multipurpose use of being not only a scalp and body massager, but also a hairbrush.

    6. This bestselling clay mask is a favourite amongst skincare experts. With over 3,000 positive reviews on Amazon Canada, it’d be silly not to treat your skin to it.

    7. This stylish leather belt looks pretty similar to a very popular brand, but at a quarter of the price! Give your weekend outfit some pop with this trendy fashion statement.

    8. With a chocolate fondue fountain, you can FINALLY satisfy your sweet tooth. You ate your best all week (sort of), and the weekend was made for cheat days. Besides you can always dip fruit in chocolate, and that’s kinda healthy, right?

    9. Bake something that will put you into a good mood with this Marijuana Edibles cookbook. We highly recommend this cookbook to anyone who's had a tough week.

    10. If this week grinded your gears, then this rose gold grinder may become the highlight of your weekend. Whether you're grinding up spices or other greens, there's something very satisifying about grinding.

    11. Some curtain string lights can certainly light up your mood after a hard week’s work. With a total of 15 string lights, you'll feel like you've entered a fairytale every time you come home.

    12. This decorative ticket box \is a fun project to tackle. Not only will you keep all your tickets in one place, but you’ll get a nice walk down memory lane.

    13. These soda-inspired chapsticks will moisturize your lips while giving them the sugary taste of your favourite drinks. Can you imagine kissing someone and their lips taste like Cherry Cola? DELICIOUS!

    14. These plant sprout bookmarks will allow you to read your troubles away and never lose your page, making you feel rooted to the story.

    15. Vent out all your feelings in this leather notebook with a combination lock. You’re probably bottling up some emotions, so might as well lay them all out on the page. Because at the end of the day, the only person who has access to this journal is you.

    16. With a 12-piece bartender kit, you'll be rewarding yourself after a job well done. No need to spend money going out to a bar when you can be the bar.

    17. What The Fuck Should I Drink? is the book that offers 75 drinking recipies for anyone looking to change up their usual basic gin and tonic.

    18. Investing in a Kindle is a game-changer. Have you ever wanted to read a new book but you never have the time to go to the bookstore to get it? With a Kindle you can purchase books at the comfort of your own home! And since it’s a digital copy, you won’t run out of room to store all those books.

    19. Some facial aloe spray is the quick pick-me-up your skin needs when you've been non-stop busy. It uses the power of green tea, cucumber, peppermint, and aloe to cool your skin, even out your tones, and overall energize your face.

    20. A gold collagen facial gel mask will work wonders in making your skin look and feel rejuvenated. Slap one of these on your face and see how it repairs your fatigue.

    21. Take a luxurious bath with this bath bomb set. The pinnacle of happiness happens when you experience your bath bomb explode in the tub.

    22. Switch up your grumpy attitude with a Nintendo Switch. With the capability to connect to your TV or be a handheld device, nothing sounds more fun after a long day than bundling up on the couch and playing some video games.

    23. This Position Of The Day sex book will help you and your partner change things up. Sometimes all you need is a change in your routine to reach the climax of your week.

    24. Stimulate the senses with this vibrating cock ring that feels good for the user and even better for the partner. Not only does it help keep the blood flowing, but its vibrations will allow both members involved to experience a release like no other.

    25. Last but not least, if you've had a rough week or even a rough day, sometimes all you need is the Satisfyer Pro 2. Satisfy yourself and release all your tensions so that you’re ready to tackle Monday all over again. You deserve it!

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