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    16 Great And Ridiculous Couple Halloween Costumes You Can Get On Amazon Canada

    Partner up with your bae or your bestie this Halloween.

    1. This milk and cookies costume will have other couple costumes crumbling in comparison.

    2. For couples who want to go to a Halloween party but don't want to dress all the way up, these beer hats are pitcher perfect. You don't have to be extra to be cute! After all, beauty is in the eye of the beerholder.

    3. You and your baby can dress up as giant crybabies with this full bodysuit costume. Don't forget to throw a tantrum to add character!

    4. This Oreo couples costume is sure to have you and your partner looking like complete snacks.

    5. If you and your bestie go together like PB and J, what better costume than literally peanut butter and jelly? It can just be slipped onto your regular clothes in a sec!

    6. This Batman and Robin poncho set is great for you and your partner-in-crime. These are easy to put on, and while they make perfect individual costumes, they can snap together side-by-side to create an awesome Gotham City skyline!

    7. Batman and Robin aren’t the only heroes stopping crime. Saturday Night Live’s Ambiguously Gay Duo (also known as Ace and Gary) are a hilarious costume for any queer couples looking to show off their comedic chops.

    8. In this two-person camel costume no one will be able to see you and your partner's face. Run wild and stash snacks at the Halloween party!

    9. If you can't help make dirty jokes all the time, why stop on Halloween? Keep it subtle yet dirty with this hot dog and bun costume. You're going to get a lot of knowing looks.

    10. This "king and queen of hearts" card set is one way to be the royal couple! Forewarning: you mayyy not be allowed to enter a casino wearing this costume.

    11. There are cheesy couples, and there are literal cheese-and-cracker costume cheesy couples. Be both this Halloween!

    12. If crackers aren't your thing, but being cheesy still is, you can always throw on this wine and cheese costume (mmm wine and cheese).

    13. A USB port and stick costume is a straightforward way to let everyone in the room know that you're connected to your costume partner, IYKWIM.

    14. Following the theme of sticking it in, this plug and socket costume will show everyone just how electric your relationship truly is.

    15. These Glinda the good witch and Elphaba the wicked witch of the west costumes are great for duos trying to have a wicked good time this Halloween.

    16. Lastly, why not consider adding a friend into the fun, so that the three of you can be this rock, paper, scissors trio? It's such a cute and simple idea!

    You to your bae or bestie after buying one of these costumes: