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    22 Things That’ll Get You Ready For Cold And Flu Season

    I have a cold and it's snot funny!

    The weather is changing, which means cold and flu season is fast approaching. Prepare yourself with these useful products that are sure to help nip your cold in the bud!

    1. A reuseable therapy face pack can help cure fatigue, migraines, headaches, or even a puffy, swollen face. You can keep it cool in your fridge and then wear to help with inflammation, swelling, or headaches, or microwave it to help clear sinuses.

    2. Avoid a dry nose with these hydrating lotion tissues. Whether you have a dry or running nose, the lotion in these tissues helps to soothe your irritated skin, making blowing your nose a less painful experience.

    3. These relieving sore throat lozenges with ease the pain of a sore throat, allowing you to talk as much as your heart desires.

    4. Some Hey Girl, Feel Better will help boost your immune system and relieve even the nastiest cold and flu symptoms. It’s made from 100% natural supplements and each tea bag is packed with your daily recommended dose of Vitamin C. Soon you’ll be back to your kick-butt self!

    5. Adding some spicy hot honey to your tea will help kick that cold right out of your system. Plus, once you’re done being sick, you can put this honey on pizza, chicken, salads, oatmeal, and more!

    6. Rubbing some nasal decongestant ointment will help relieve your coughing and muscle pain. It’s also a great alternative for anyone who is diabetic and is looking for an alternative to sugar-heavy cough syrup.

    7. Keep your feet warm with these funky women's socks or men's socks, because nothing is worse than being sick and having cold feet.

    8. Speaking of cozy, these unisex onesies will give you that warm hug you need when you’re sick (except this hug won’t infect anyone else).

    9. A cool mist essential oil diffuser will not only produce a lovely fragrance, but it will also introduce more moisture in the air that’ll help combat dryness.

    10. With a popsicle ice mold maker set you can create DIY popsicles to help ease any fever or sore throat. Plus, it's a great excuse to give yourself a treat when you have a cold.

    11. Stock up on some homestyle chicken noodle soup — it’s an easy-to-make meal that also makes you feel good on your worst days. People aren’t wrong when they say “chicken noodle soup is for the soul.”

    12. A microwavable soup mug, so that even if your boss doesn’t allow you to have a sick day, you can at least bring your soup to work with you.

    13. Some liquid hand sanitizer will kill any lingering germs on your hands and help you make a speedy recovery. Most people get sick because they don’t wash their hands enough, so get to the source of the problem before it happens.

    14. Germs don't just live on your hands, so some travel-sized hand wipes will help disinfect any and all surfaces that might be contaminated with your sick germs.

    15. This fast-acting cold and flu syrup works by going after the gross mucus and phlegm that's trapped in your body. It tastes kinda gross, but if you're looking to get better ASAP then Buckley's is a great option.

    16. A Neti pot essentially rinses out all the mucus in your throat and nose and breaks it down. It’s the best natural alternative to a nasal spray, and it’s praised by many for being their go-to sinus cleanser.

    17. A soothing jade roller that’ll work wonders to help rejuvenate the face when you’re sick. Even if you feel gross on the inside, at least you’ll be glowing on the outside!

    18. This temperature-friendly therapy pack can store hot or cold water that you can place on any part of your body for relaxation. The added fleece cover makes it so comfortable that you'll want to continuously use it again and again.

    19. This protective throat spray will coat your throat, helping to fight off any sickness the second you start to feel a little tickle. Not to mention it also tastes really good!

    20. When you’ve fallen ill, you your body needs some delicious electrolytes to help get your system back to normal. They’re are also great for hangovers, making it one multi-talented drink!

    21. This infrared digital thermometer can scan your forehead and ear to measure your temperature. It works in both Celsius and Fahrenheit, runs on AAA batteries, and is great when dealing with young children (or anyone who doesn’t love using an old-school thermometer).

    22. And lastly, this adorable teddy bear will keep you company through the toughest of illnesses. No matter how old you get, you can’t deny that snuggling up with a soft bear helps you feel just a tiny bit better.

    What everyone will be saying about you when they see how well you're coping with being sick: