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    25 Ways To Feel Like Royalty Even When You're On A Budget

    Who says you have to shell out a million bucks to feel like a million bucks?

    1. With a rose gold geometric wine rack, your guests will be begging you for another glass. The best part is that even if your wine is cheap, this rack will make it look expensive.

    2. These diamond-shaped tumblers are class in a glass. Serve adult beverage realness with these high-end cups. Not only is the shape super cute, but they won’t topple over because of the geometrically balanced base.

    3. Amp up the glamour with this set of four pearl hair clips. Every heiress-in-training needs some pearl accessories. These are loved by so many, they have a five-star rating!

    4. A mirrored crystal vanity tray will make the products you put on top of it feel like they're on a runway. Let your makeup, skincare, and jewelry items feel just as pretty as you are!

    5. Blingy candle holders are essential for anyone who wants to add a "wealthy individual with a passion for scented rooms" vibe to their home. This gold and crystal pair will give you exactly that

    6. Stay cozy with this faux fur blanket while you dream about all the money you're saving. This glorious vegan-friendly blanket is literally so soft!

    7. A bestselling LED vanity mirror light kit will make you want to pamper your skin everyday. It'll transform any room into a Hollywood makeup studio. The lights will easily stick on to your mirror or its frame, and can be dimmed to your liking.

    8. Some floral ties will add a glimpse of renaissance high fashion to any formal look. Why wear a boring solid-colour tie, when you can wear one of these and look like you read books at quaint cafes?

    9. Whip out these portable cutlery at office lunches, leaving your colleagues to wonder how much money you really make. This set includes a fork, a spoon, and chopsticks.

    10. These gold collagen face masks will give you the facial of a lifetime. They’ll help rejuvenate, revitalize, soothe, and repair fatigued skin.

    11. With this bronze trashcan, even your garbage can look cute and posh! Oh, and my apologies if reading "cute garbage" reminded you of an ex.

    12. Why not invest in some amazing silky pillowcases? Your hair and skin only deserve to lay on the softest of satin. They'll prevent hair breakage, and help promote better skin health. Mia Thermopolis Princess of Genovia WISHES she slept with these.

    13. Block out the peasants with these bougie-looking Bluetooth headphones. Users love the sound quality. And there's just something about the colour rose gold that makes any item look more expensive.

    14. This rose in a glass dome decor piece will help you live out your Beauty and The Beast fantasy. It has battery-operated remote-controlled LED lights, so it also works as a lamp.

    15. Wear a Swarovski crystal-encrusted heart pendant around your neck because ultimately, you're always your own fairytale's "happily ever after."

    16. While you're at it, keep your jewelry shiny with this diamond dazzle stick. You don't have to have a real diamond to use this! It’ll keep all your gems as brilliant as they were when you first got them!

    17. This bestselling 14-piece cocktail bar kit is for fancy people only! I mean seriously, think about it. How impressed are you when you go to someone's home and see they have a bar kit?

    18. And if you aren't a fan of glass, these copper mugs give you an alternative to pour your fancy mixed drinks in. They make any drink look like a vacation, and won't shatter when you're inebriated and drop them.

    19. Grind your herbs with this luxurious and sturdy gold grinder, because Ms. Mary Jane deserves better.

    20. Nothing says luxrary quite like a satin nightwear robe. A silky nightgown is self-care and self-love at it's finest. Plus, it makes you look hella sexy.

    21. Add a geometrical metal storage rack to your work desk or vanity to make organization look like decor. I know it looks small, but it's surprisingly roomy, and will even hold most eyeshadow palettes.

    22. Put your makeup on using this 15-piece makeup brush set that's decorated with a marble tile design. Live that Tati Westbrook fantasy.

    23. Amazon's Fire TV Stick lets you experience thousands of channels, apps, and websites all while being compatible with Alexa. It's truly a luxury that will make you never want to leave your home again.

    24. Reserve this gem-topped ballpoint pen to exclusively sign all your cheques. Diamonds are everyone’s best friend, and this pen is about to become your right-hand writing utensil (or left-hand, depending on how you write).

    25. Top off your collection of budget-friendly elegant items with a charming cocktail dress that you can wear for any occasion. Just because it's a casual hangout doesn't mean you can't look casually well-off.

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