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    17 Products Every True Ariana Grande Fan Needs

    You like my Ariana Grande stuff? Gee, thanks, just bought it.

    This is Ariana Grande, also known as my queen. She's the princess of pop, a literal goddess, but most importantly, she's a style icon who can make even Crocs look cool!

    For anyone who identifies as an Arianator, there are a few items one must have if they truly stan Ms. Grande. Let's break it down, shall we?

    1. A Thank U, Next journal to spill all the tea in.

    2. An Ariana Grande "religious" candle, because God Is a Woman and her name is Ariana Grande.

    3. A high ponytail extension, so you rock Ari's iconic style.

    4. A 7 Rings-inspired ring, because you should buy yourself your favourite things.

    5. Speaking of 7 Rings, you NEED this 7 Rings Hat to ensure you're the coolest person you know (second to Ariana, of course).

    6. This Ariana Grande iPhone case, so that your phone reflects your music taste.

    7. Ever wanted to smell like Ariana? Well you can with one of her many perfume collections, such as her Sweet Like Candy perfume.

    8. The Nickelodeon Teen Choice Award-winning show Sam and Cat: The Complete TV Series.

    9. Can't talk about Sam and Cat without acknowledging Victorious and its AMAZING soundtrack!

    10. Ariana-inspired bunny ears, because we are ALL dangerous women/men/people.

    11. Make your lips pop by adding Ariana Grande's lipstick line with MAC to your makeup collection.

    12. Starbucks coffee and tumblers are a true staple to anyone who stans Ms. Grande.

    13. Oversized Ariana Grande hoodie for comfort and for style.

    14. Think about Ari all day? Why not think about her all night too with this pillow with her face on it?

    15. If the pillow weren't enough to make your room an Ariana Grande shrine, add this poster to your walls.

    16. You definitely need some official Ariana Grande headphones. They’re purrfect aren’t they?

    17. And last but not least, a true fan needs to own at least ONE Ariana Grande album. We recommend her latest one: Thank U, Next.

    Happy shopping, Arianators!