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    17 Products Every True Ariana Grande Fan Needs

    You like my Ariana Grande stuff? Gee, thanks, just bought it.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    This is Ariana Grande, also known as my queen. She's the princess of pop, a literal goddess, but most importantly, she's a style icon who can make even Crocs look cool!

    For anyone who identifies as an Arianator, there are a few items one must have if they truly stan Ms. Grande. Let's break it down, shall we?

    1. A Thank U, Next journal to spill all the tea in.

    Amazon / Via

    Perfect for taking notes in class, as well as a daily reminder that your ex just wasn't the one. Thank u, Next!

    Price: $9.42.

    2. An Ariana Grande "religious" candle, because God Is a Woman and her name is Ariana Grande.

    Amazon / Via

    Whether you believe in a higher power or not, this candle makes for a great gift! However, it can only be lit while listening to Ariana Grande music; it’d be disrespectful to do so otherwise.

    Price: $30.48.

    3. A high ponytail extension, so you rock Ari's iconic style.

    Amazon / Via

    You like my hair? Gee, thanks, just bought it. No seriously, I just bought it and I love it! Plus, the reviews say the hair looks pretty real when you clip it in.

    Price: $12.99 (Comes in four colours).

    4. A 7 Rings-inspired ring, because you should buy yourself your favourite things.

    Amazon, Amazon / Via

    If you can afford to get you and 7 of your besties Pandora diamond rings, good for you! But if you're a part of the 99% of the population who can't, these cute rings are a great alternative.

    Price: $22.99+ (Comes in 2 designs, in either rose gold or white, in 5 different ring sizes).

    5. Speaking of 7 Rings, you NEED this 7 Rings Hat to ensure you're the coolest person you know (second to Ariana, of course).

    Amazon, Amazon / Via

    I see it, I want it, I like it, I got it! This cute hat comes in pink or black, so there’s no reason an Ariana stan shouldn’t have at least ONE of these hats (or BOTH, for that matter).

    Price: $31.49.

    6. This Ariana Grande iPhone case, so that your phone reflects your music taste.

    Amazon / Via

    Not only does a true Arianator need to showcase their support publicly, but this phone case is a great reminder to "just keep Breathin." We STAN a queen who cares about our oxygen levels!

    Price: $11.84 (Ten different designs to choose from, all sizes for iPhone 6 onwards).

    7. Ever wanted to smell like Ariana? Well you can with one of her many perfume collections, such as her Sweet Like Candy perfume.

    Amazon / Via

    Not only is Ariana Grande a talented actress and singer, she's also knows a thing or two about smelling good. She has many perfume products, but her most popular is Sweet Like Candy which is an ode to a lyric in her song "Moonlight" from her album Dangerous Woman.

    Price: $57.86.

    8. The Nickelodeon Teen Choice Award-winning show Sam and Cat: The Complete TV Series.

    Amazon / Via

    Before she was a pop star, Ariana was a Nickelodeon tween star. If you've never binged Sam & Cat, you really should — her character, Cat Valentine, is ICONIC. The series has 35 episodes, which means more than 14 hours of Ariana Grande screen time. What a dream!

    Price: $62.11.

    9. Can't talk about Sam and Cat without acknowledging Victorious and its AMAZING soundtrack!

    Amazon / Via

    The entire Victorious soundtrack has some major bops, including Ariana's song with her real life BFF, Liz Gillies. Their song "Give It Up" is vocal perfection! Plus, “LA Boyz” (Ariana’s song with Victoria Justice) is also a good tune to jam to.

    Price: $6.21.

    10. Ariana-inspired bunny ears, because we are ALL dangerous women/men/people.

    Amazon / Via

    The Dangerous Woman era was a TIME. Rep this timeless album by getting yourself your own pair of black bunny ears. Also makes for a great Halloween costume.

    Price: $9.99.

    11. Make your lips pop by adding Ariana Grande's lipstick line with MAC to your makeup collection.

    Amazon / Via

    Ariana teamed up with MAC to create this lipstick, of which a percentage of the proceeds goes towards the MAC AIDS Fund. We LOVE a philanthropist!

    Price: $24.24.

    12. Starbucks coffee and tumblers are a true staple to anyone who stans Ms. Grande.

    Amazon / Via

    If there's one thing Ari has with her at all times, it's a Starbucks drink. Join the club and get yourself this set of two tumblers, so you can display your mood based off which tumbler you use.

    Price: $32.30+.

    13. Oversized Ariana Grande hoodie for comfort and for style.

    Amazon / Via

    Besides her high ponytail, Ariana is well known for rocking an oversized hoodie. Why not follow the trend and get yourself one? Heck, why not get one that has Ariana Grande on it?!

    Price: $29.00+ (Comes in a variety of sizes from Small to XXL).

    14. Think about Ari all day? Why not think about her all night too with this pillow with her face on it?

    Amazon / Via

    Think of it as a sleepover with your fav pop star every night!

    Price: $15.00.

    15. If the pillow weren't enough to make your room an Ariana Grande shrine, add this poster to your walls.

    Amazon / Via

    A picture is worth a thousand words, and having this picture up in your room screams TRUE ARIANATOR.

    Price: $12.99 (comes in 14 frame colours).

    16. You definitely need some official Ariana Grande headphones. They’re purrfect aren’t they?

    Amazon / Via

    Bet you didn't know that Ariana Grande partnered with Brookstone for some limited edition wireless headphones. Not only are they great for workouts, but they have cat ears, making them cute AF.

    Price: $232.52 (Product lights up different colours).

    17. And last but not least, a true fan needs to own at least ONE Ariana Grande album. We recommend her latest one: Thank U, Next.

    Amazon / Via

    From her most recent masterpiece, Thank U, Next, all the way to her debut album, Yours Truly, it's important to support the artist you love by buying their music. Besides, Ariana Grande has served the public a lot of bangers on every single one of her albums.

    Price: $12.88.

    Happy shopping, Arianators!

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