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    25 Things That’ll Make You Say, “Shut Up And Take My Money”

    How was I living life without a veggie noodle maker?

    1. This banana training toothbrush is a safe and super-cute way for any baby to start developing good dental hygiene. Made from 100% non-allergenic silicone, you’d be bananas not to buy one for the toddler in your life.

    2. If you can’t have gluten or you’re simply avoiding carbs, this veggie noodle maker is going to change your life. Simple and easy to use, this bestselling grinder comes with five different blades, meaning no vegetable stands a chance!

    3. This Groot flower pot is the perfect gift for a Guardians Of The Galaxy fan. Use it for plants, to hide your keys in, to store your pens — heck, you could even use it as a coin pot!

    4. Calling all my VSCO girls! This pack of 24 hair scrunchies is all the rage in ponytail comfort. With designs in chiffon and velvet, you'll be able to keep your fans guessing as to which scrunchie you'll wear next.

    5. This windproof, rain-repellent umbrella will have you feeling like Rihanna even in the strongest storm. With close to 1,000 positive reviews, people swear by this compact and lightweight wind-defying umbrella.

    6. Twinkle, twinkle little LED twinkle lights, how I wonder… what you’ll look like in my bedroom. With eight different modes to match any room’s aesthetic, this 9.5-foot string of lights is a great decoration for a special event or even just because.

    7. With a cordless trimmer, you can maintain your facial and body hair with ease. This trimmer has ten different trimming accessories, meaning no matter the part of your body you're trying to keep maintained, this trimmer will keep you looking well-groomed.

    8. This embossing rolling pin will give all your baked goodies an elegant facelift. Step up your bake sale game by rolling on some fancy designs.

    9. Let your guests chime in with this wireless doorbell. It has over a 1,000-foot operating range and is equipped with four volume levels, 36 ringtones, LED flash, and one plug-in receiver. Missing a visitor is a thing of the past.

    10. Moon Prism POWER! This Sailor Moon makeup brush kit will have you feeling like you’re transforming into the guardian of love and justice herself. With eight different pieces, this kit will have you saying, “In the name of the moon, my makeup will punish you!”

    11. This door draft stopper will seal the cracks beneath your door to stop unwanted sounds, breezes, pests, and lights. It can be used on doors or windows, and will help reduce your heating or electricity bill by preventing air from escaping.

    12. A "clean or dirty" dishwasher magnet is a simple but GENIUS way of letting everyone in your household know whether or not the dishes in the wash are good to use or not. Simply just rotate the magnet to indicate if it's clean or dirty – it's that easy!

    13. Oh, you fancy hun, with your cubic zirconia ring. Although it looks expensive, it’s actually VERY affordable! Don’t let your income prevent you from showcasing your love of sparkly things.

    14. A phone pop socket is essential for anyone who has clumsy hands. It’ll help you avoid dropping your phone while texting or snapping selfies. Plus, they’ll work with any phone or phone case!

    15. Stop a zit in its tracks with these super effective pimple patches. The second you start to feel a breakout or blemish coming on, simply apply one of these patches and watch it disappear overnight.

    16. If you spend a lot of time in front of a screen (and who doesn’t?), a pair of blue light-blocking glasses will help protect your eyes from irritating glares from your beloved electronics.

    17. These soft-tip infant spoons will make feeding any toddler that much easier. With six spoons that come in six different colours, your baby is about to get a spoonful of goodness.

    18. The weather is getting cooler, meaning some cute waterproof boots are in order. These ones look like a well-known brand, but are a fraction of the cost. With elastic fabric edges, they’re easy to put on and just as easy to take off.

    19. It's knitted beanie hat season, also known as the greatest time of year. Is it cold outside? Throw on a beanie. Having a bad hair day? Throw on a beanie. Is it snowing outside? You know the solution – put on a beanie!

    20. These elegant hair clips will become your new fav style accessory. This bestselling eight-piece set includes triangle, moon, ribbon, and circle bobby pins in brass and silver colours. It takes minimal effort, but it’ll look like you spent hours perfecting your look.

    21. These fun tie clips will add a little personality to any business professional. Ranging from hipster glasses, a dolphin, a saxophone and more, you can keep it classy and keep your tie in check, all while showing off some character.

    22. Make tackling midterms or work presentations a whole lot easier these tabbed sticky notes. Heck, even if you use them for your passive-aggressive notes, we won’t judge.

    23. These wool warm socks are just the type of soft loving your feet need during the cold weather. And can we talk about how cute the designs are? Like, excuse me, who gave these socks permission to be so adorable?!

    24. This two-in-one lip and face exfoliating brush will give your skin a smoother and fuller appearance. Don’t let your lips and skin start to crack under the pressure of the cold!

    25. Slice and dice your vegetables like never before with this versatile veggie slicer. This bestselling product slices, it dices, it peels, it grades, and it spirals! With 12 blades you can cut big, small, thick, thin, or whatever size you want out of your vegetable bits.

    Why make money if you ain't gonna spend it, am I right?