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    20 Things To Do Before You Turn 20

    Is it too late to spell twenty as twenteen...?

    1. Teepee Something

    2. Break and Enter

    3. Attend a Concert From An Artist You Don't Know

    4. Try a Food You Can't Pronounce

    5. Learn a New Language

    6. Watch a Foreign Film Without Subtitles

    7. Go to Disneyland / Disney World

    8. Become Vegetarian or Vegan for a Week

    9. Skinny Dip in a Lake

    10. Take a Road Trip

    11. Master How to Use Chopsticks

    12. Pull an All Nighter

    13. Dye Your Hair

    14. Do Something You Wouldn’t Want Your Parents to Find Out About

    15. Attend a Toga Party

    16. Meet Your Favourite Celebrity

    17. Befriend Someone Whose Completely Opposite From You

    18. Create a Project You’re Really Proud Of

    19. Learn a Choreographed Dance Number

    20. Write A Letter to Yourself To Open at the End of Your 20’s