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    20 Things To Do Before You Turn 20

    Is it too late to spell twenty as twenteen...?

    Disney Channel

    PICTURE THIS: you're a young, wild and free spirit around the age of 13 to 19 living your life to it's fullest as several Disney Channel Original Shows and Movies have taught you.

    Universal Studios

    Then one day you wake up and you're 20! And at first you're like:

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    BUT then you realize that being twenty means there is no more teen left in you. MEANING people expect you to have your life together...

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    Lucky for you, BuzzFeed has got you covered with our 20 Things To Do Before You Turn 20 to ensure you live those young, wild and free precious teen years to there fullest!

    1. Teepee Something

    BF vs. GF / Via

    It's stupid, annoying and honestly a waste of paper. Which is why it's a perfect task to complete when you're young and don't know any better.

    2. Break and Enter


    I'm not saying steal or commit a crime or anything. What I am saying is perhaps surprise your friends by using the window instead of the front door while you can't be charged for it.

    3. Attend a Concert From An Artist You Don't Know

    FOX / Via

    Take a break from the music you usually listen to and take a chance on something new. You might just find yourself falling in love where you least expect it.

    4. Try a Food You Can't Pronounce

    Toei Animation

    Food is food, am I right? If it sounds weird but looks good I say GO FOR IT! Treat yourself once an a while.

    5. Learn a New Language

    Disney Channel

    Because what if one day you and your sibling(s) need to perform a sassy salsa number?!

    6. Watch a Foreign Film Without Subtitles


    It makes learning a new language funner and sometimes easier... Sometimes...

    7. Go to Disneyland / Disney World

    Cartoon Network / Via

    The happiest place in the world should be experienced while your young. Since having the waterworks when you meet Anna and Elsa for the first time just isn't as cute when you're an "adult".

    8. Become Vegetarian or Vegan for a Week


    You may find it harder / easier then expect and begin to respect those of your friends who follow through with this type of lifestyle.

    9. Skinny Dip in a Lake


    It's like taking a bath, just in the wildness. It's quite liberating and hey you may end up liking it, maybe.

    10. Take a Road Trip

    NBC Films

    At this age you've just received your licence (or at least some of your friends have...) Take advantage of this opportunity, it's sure to make some hella good memories.

    11. Master How to Use Chopsticks

    Columbia Pictures

    You're going to have to go out and eat with your friends eventually. You don't want to be that one person that can't eat sushi with chopsticks, now do you?

    12. Pull an All Nighter


    Honestly, it's a rite of passage. I shouldn't even have to tell you to accomplish this because you've probably already have, it's called LIFE.

    13. Dye Your Hair

    Cash Money Records Inc / Universal Republic Records

    Because you need to prove to your parents that "it's not just a phase".

    14. Do Something You Wouldn’t Want Your Parents to Find Out About


    If they do find out though play it cool and act like it never even happened.

    15. Attend a Toga Party

    Disney / Via

    You'll have a love hate relationship with this one. It's like walking onto a low-budget Ancient Greek film set, just with lots of booze and B.O.

    16. Meet Your Favourite Celebrity

    Via Twitter: @kefera

    Either you'll look back and think it's the coolest picture / moment of your life. Or you'll regret how much it cost you when all you can afford is cereal for dinner.

    17. Befriend Someone Whose Completely Opposite From You

    Warner Bros.

    You can go from hating someone to becoming their BFF almost instantly if you just find one thing you have in common.

    18. Create a Project You’re Really Proud Of


    When was the last time your Mom was so proud of something you did that she put it on the fridge, hmm? Aim to get yourself back on that fridge!

    19. Learn a Choreographed Dance Number

    Syco / Epic

    This is VERY important cause soon you're going to go out to clubs and when a good banger comes on you need to show everybody on the dance floor that you're worth it.

    20. Write A Letter to Yourself To Open at the End of Your 20’s

    Universal Pictures / Via

    Write yourself a letter to your future 29 year old self. Slowly but surely you'll realize that your 20's are going to be an exciting adventure. Whoever said your teenage years are the greatest years of your life was sadly mistaken, your 20's rocks!

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