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    10 Things That Are Too True For Hopeless Romantics

    I'm just a Hopeless Romantic looking for love... Heck, even like would be good at this point, TBH.

    1. You believe in love at first sight

    Walt Disney

    You might see them in class, across the bar, or even on your phone screen. You may not even speak, but you'll know, you'll have that feeling, you've caught the love bug.

    2. You are VERY sensitive

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    Puppies, sad movies, a boy/girl broke your heart - no matter what you're an emotional, sensitive MESS. But those who truly love you will appreciate this very unique trait. At the end of the day you just care and ain't nothing wrong with that!

    3. A kiss is more than just a "kiss"

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    If you go in for the kiss, more than often, it mean's you're truly interested in someone. You're not the type to kiss a bunch of frogs until you get a prince, when you see a prince you go for it!

    4. You put a bit of love into everything you do

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    Whether it's your work, your chores, your friends, or the food you eat - you make sure everything receives a little bit of love because it gosh darn deserves it!

    5. You'll begin to plan the future after just one date

    Walt Disney

    Will my parents like them? Do they like to drink wine? Where is there career going? What will our ship name be? Who would we invite to the wedding? How many kids will we want?

    6. You take rejection personally


    When you have the feels, you really have the feels. So when someone rejects those feels you tend to put them on a pedestal for the times you simply weren't good enough for be someone else special someone (which you need to learn to stop doing CAUSE YOU MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN CINDERELLA!)

    7. Romance is an adventure worth exploring

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    Drinking wine in the park, giving each other cute piggy backs, listening to great music as you watch the sun go down, Netflix and chill, etc. All these things sound like a dream come true to a hopeless romantic, as long as it's with the right person.

    8. You are cheesy A.F


    You have Adele's entire discography memorized, Valentine's Day is your Christmas, and your favourite movie is probably "When Harry Met Sally". Hopeless romantics are total cheese balls, but that's what makes them so loveable.

    9. You become a hot mess whenever you see your crush

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    Hopeless romantics tend to be great at the romance part, but not so great at the actual talking part. If you've ever found yourself talking about "the weather" or "an obscure thing that happened that one time in the past" chances are you've caught the love bug.

    10. There is someone out there for everyone

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    You'll find love one day and you know that! There's someone out there for everyone, heck sometime's theres multiple people out there. There's nothing wrong with wearing your heart on your sleeve. There's someone out there that will realize that there is more to you than meets the eye. Until then, continue to be a hopeless romantic ♥️

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