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    20 Inexpensive Gifts With A Social Mission

    It's holiday season, which means it's shopping season. Why not make the busiest buying month of the year a little easier on the conscience (and the wallet) with this list of gifts from social enterprises? Each gift on this list costs less than $100, is great quality and supports a business with a social or environmental mission, meaning your purchase has a purpose. Check out the gift (and the "give back") in this list below!

    1. The Gift: Azmera Blanket — Parker Clay

    Parker Clay / Via

    Price: $78

    The Give Back: Employing artisans following Fair Trade principles, providing economic security, a positive, safe work environment and wage premiums averaging 87% higher than local rates. Partners with Ellilta — Women at Risk, an organization empowering women through rehabilitation, counseling, and skills training. Buy here

    2. The Gift: Wood Avalon Earbuds — Gifts for Good

    LSTN via Gifts for Good / Via

    Price: $49

    The Give Back: Gifts for Good curates premium company gifts that support charitable missions. This gift supports LSTN, an organization helping deaf individuals in need receive hearing aids. Buy here

    3. The Gift: Nisolo Passport Case

    Nisolo / Via

    Price: $68

    The Give Back: Ethically sourced leather goods. Employing men and women in Peru — creating job opportunity, access to above-fair-wage income, access to healthcare and stable salary and benefits. Buy here

    4. The Gift: The Pioneer — Ed Pack Global

    Price: $99.95

    The Give Back: Eradicating systemic poverty through education — 15% of the profits from this backpack go directly to Ed Pack’s partners Thistle Farms and Mi Esperanza. Buy here

    5. The Gift: Leather Journal With Latch — Rethreaded Inc.

    Rethreaded, Inc. / Via

    Price: $40

    The Give Back: Providing safe, viable and dignity-giving work to survivors of the sex trade, to fight the business of human trafficking. Buy here

    6. The Gift: Handmade Raffia Earrings — Three Sisters, L3C

    Three Sisters, L3C / Via

    Price: $25

    The Give Back: Three Sisters provides tutoring for children in West Africa who otherwise would not have access to in-depth education. All profits from the sale of these earrings go into the TS Education Fund to fund tutoring sessions in Cotonou, West Africa. Buy here

    7. The Gift: San Marcos Dopp Kit — Mission Lazarus

    Mission Lazarus / Via

    Price: $68

    The Give Back: Mission Lazarus leads a variety of initiatives including the construction of schools, clinics and churches in communities overseas. They also employ artisans and have vocational schools where young adults can learn skills and earn an income to give them a better future. Buy here

    8. The Gift: Aster Scarf — ABLE


    Price: $74

    The Give Back: Employing women who have overcome addiction or homelessness, or who need a chance to lift their families out of poverty. Buy here

    9. The Gift: Tin Soy Candles — New Moms Bright Endeavors

    Bright Endeavors / Via

    Price: $7.99 — $24.99

    The Give Back: Lighting the way out of poverty for young moms by teaching them to craft premium soy candles in a supportive, professional environment. Through their paid transitional jobs program, New Moms Bright Endeavors provide the guidance and job skills young moms need to secure quality employment and achieve a lifetime of personal success. Buy here

    10. The Gift: Ethiopian Coffee — Coffee 4 College

    Coffee 4 College / Via

    Price: $17

    The Give Back: Providing a platform for students to earn an income that assists with their college expenses. Their program teaches entrepreneurship, communication skills, and encourages confidence to help guide young students toward educational and financial success. Buy here

    11. The Gift: Customizable Glass Water Bottle — Gifts For Good

    Gifts for Good / Via

    Price: $35

    The Give Back: Gifts for Good curates premium company gifts that support charitable missions. This gift gives clean water to those in need around the world. Buy here

    12. The Gift: Tiny Branded Cuff — Branded Collective

    Branded Collective / Via

    Price: $20

    The Give Back: The BRANDED Collective employs survivors of human trafficking from Nashville-based non-profit End Slavery Tennessee. The women work with local artisans to design and handcraft the jewelry collection; 25% of the profits go to the rescue and restoration of survivors. Buy here

    13. The Gift: Strengthen & Replenish Bundle — SOAPBOX

    SOAPBOX / Via

    Price: $29.95

    The Give Back: For every product sold, a bar of soap is provided to those in need, both in the U.S. and abroad. Buy here

    14. The Gift: Bo Bunny -- Thistle Farms

    Thistle Farms / Via

    Price: $38

    The Give Back: Help women survivors of trafficking, prostitution, and addiction find healing, hope, and freedom, by providing safe and supportive housing, the opportunity for economic independence, and a strong community of advocates and partners. Buy here

    15. The Gift: The Kitchen Box -- Gifts for Good

    Gifts for Good / Via

    Price: $65

    The Give Back: Gifts for Good curates premium company gifts that support charitable missions. This gift supports artisan communities and families around the world. Buy here

    16. The Gift: Yoga Mat Bag — Kupendiza

    Kupendiza / Via

    Price: $49.99

    The Give Back: Kupendiza only sources fair trade goods, directly from the business women in Africa who supply their beautiful products. Kupendiza partners with women’s empowerment organizations to donate a portion of sales to girls education. Buy here

    17. The Gift: Cutting Board Gift Set — UTEC

    UTEC / Via

    Price: $80

    The Give Back: Providing youth most in need the opportunity to gain valuable job skills and real earnings to help them pursue positive life choices. UTEC’s jobs program, teaches healthy life skills, job readiness skills, industry specific skills and financial literacy skills. Buy here

    18. The Gift: 12 Piece Keepsake Brownie Set — Greyston Bakery

    Greyston Bakery / Via

    Price: $40

    The Give Back: Providing individuals in Southwest Yonkers, NY with employment skills and resources to lift them out of poverty with open hiring, Pathmaking and other social services to assist individuals and families in visualizing their paths to self-sufficiency. Buy here

    19. The Gift: Mexican Embroidered Pillowcase Kit — Tingomo

    Tingomo / Via

    Price: $29.99

    The Give Back: Using sustainable materials, each kit supports programs to help artisans, keep families together, and send girls to school. Donates kits to schools and afterschool programs in Los Angeles and Vermont. Buy here

    20. The Gift: Urban Tea Tumbler — La Terza Artisan Coffee Roaster

    La Terza / Via

    Price: $29.95

    The Give Back: Sustainable sourcing and living-wage employment in low-income communities abroad. Buy here

    21. There are so many organizations out there making quality goods, but putting their profit toward social good. It's easier than you think to start shopping social!

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