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This Beautiful Photo Series Is Encouraging Women To Love Their Postpartum Bodies

Encouraging women to love their postpartum bodies - Mikaela Shannon

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#LoveYourPostpartum is a stunning photo series made up of portraits of mothers who are postpartum. Mikaela began the series to help encourage moms to love their new bodies!

Mikaela Shannon, who is based in Ontario, started the project this year after talking with a local mom who wanted to do a shoot to celebrate her new body.

"I want my work to help build people up".

"I'm inspired by peoples stories. I want my images to tell stories, without even having to say a word".

She began this with just a couple moms, and now has shot over two dozen.

"I'm so grateful to be able to help these moms heal. The feedback has been amazing, and all I want to do it help these mommas love themselves again". s

"I find scars/stretch marks beautiful. They tell stories, no matter how they got there".

Mikaela is also an advocate for Fed Is Best. She portrays this a lot in her work that no matter how you feed your baby you are doing great! "There is a lot of mom shaming lately, and I think it needs to stop. No matter how you feed your child, you are providing the necessities of life and it shouldn't be discussed further. Moms should stick together!".

Mikaela's biggest message to everyone is love yourselves. Especially after a big change like having a baby! "Having a baby is a huge change, especially on your body. But it is not something to be afraid of, we should embrace the new changes".

You can see more of the #LoveYourPostpartum here

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