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    11 Childhood Treats Made Healthy

    These treats contain all those warm fuzzy memories of your favorite childhood treats without the 'junk'.

    1. Healthy nutella rice crispy treats / Via

    Did someone say nutella? These could be 1000 calories and I still wouldn't care but instead they are not only healthy but only 95 calories!

    2. Smores popcicles / Via

    A classic childhood treat in frozen form..oh and with almond milk and ricemellow cream!

    3. Peanut butter & jam cookie sandwiches


    sweetened with honey and containing only 5 ingredients, these messy cookie sandwiches are simply delicious.

    4. Vegan muddy buddies


    Ok, so this isn't exactly "healthy" but who cares? It's muddy buddies and its vegan!

    5. Almond flour cinnamon rolls


    Gluten free, low carb and oh so good!

    6. Chewy chocolate chip cookies


    Nothing says childhood quite like a chocolate chip cookie and a tall glass of milk and these cookies look like perfection. Sugar free, flour free and full of flavor!

    7. Banana split bites


    Chocolate, coconut oil, fruit & nuts! Better than a fruit salad and you can pack it lunchboxes for a mom win!

    8. Protein nutty buddies


    5 ingredients including chocolate protein powder! These would make a great midnight snack... I mean work out snack...

    9. Brown rice krispy treats


    There are no marshmallows in this treat but it still delivers that sweetness and crispy crunch we crave!

    10. Berry bliss rocket pops / Via

    I remember running after many ice cream trucks in pursuit of rocket pops and these ones are just as good but without the dyes and addatives

    11. Healthy twinkies


    Twinkies were THE treat from childhood, the snack you gathered up change for and bought at the corner store, the snack you hid so your siblings wouldn't eat them all,the snack so may of us had in our lunchboxes at school.. . that is unless your parents were hippies like mine.

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