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Why Teachers Need to Change for Introverts

Ever felt like the classroom was against those with an introverted personality? Well, it is and here's why.

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1. Introverts Can't Just Become Extraverts Because You Want Them To


Blood flows differently in an introvert's brain compared to an extravert's. Where the blood goes is what contributes to their personality traits.

2. Cortical Arousal Levels?


Introverts hit their optimum cortical arousal threshold easier than extraverts, meaning that when behaving socially or even listening to music, introverts rise above optimum levels and enter a detrimental zone for them.

5. Warning: Music Playing


If you're introverted, listening to music raises your cortical arousal levels way too much. So if your teacher likes to play classical music in the background like Panera does, it's harming you, but not your extraverted counterparts.

6. Extraverts and Introverts Speak Differently


Introverts are more precise whereas extraverts interpret things. This means that they share information differently, and teachers need to take this into account when asking questions to their class.

10. It's for Life!


Introverts are at a disadvantage to extraverts in the classroom, and this disadvantage spreads to the workplace and into their social lives. Once the playing field is leveled in the classroom, introverts' jobs and relationships will change for the better.

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