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    • mihalgrinberg

      I really feel like question number 2 wasn’t answered thoroughly enough. Pointing out how many other countries have taken in refugees doesn’t answer why more countries in the region won’t take in more. I think the point needs to be made that although they’re fleeing to some neighboring countries and europe, they haven’t necessarily been granted assylum and run the risk of being sent back. And that the region, although filled with many other majority Islamic countries, aren’t necessarily allies to the refugees coming from syria. They could go, and fear for their lives there as well.

    • mihalgrinberg

      So it’s about an hour before the coctail hour is supposed to start, and our officiant and our families are all coming in to take photos beforehand, and the officiant comes in and goes “hey just wondering where the marriage contract is for signing just trying to get everything together nbd” and me and my almost husband (approx 2 more hrs) look at eachother and realize WE LEFT IT AT HOME. By pure luck and chance my best friend just so happened to have rented a car, she went back to our apartment to get it, and made it back 15 MINUTES before the beginning of the ceremony. It was AMAZING! And absolutely terrifying.

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