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Koh Ngai Tourism: Things To Do In Koh Ngai, Thailand

Often referred to as Koh Hai, Koh Ngai is a stunningly beautiful little island located in Thailand’s Tarutao Marine National Park, close to the border with Malaysia. Home to heavenly long white sandy beaches, friendly people and unspoiled nature, Koh Ngai is a magnet for tourists, the island’s popularity increasing by the year. Things to do in Koh Ngai resort include lying on the beach and getting caressed by the sun, bathing in the crystal clear waters that bath the island’s beaches, practicing water sports, exploring the coral reefs off the coasts of Koh Ngai, spoiling your taste buds with Thai cuisine delicacies, enjoying the view, getting pampered at the spa and much more. Shortly, Koh Ngai resort offers a wide range of activities for a fulfilling and unforgettable holiday.

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Koh Ngai beaches

There are four main beaches on Koh Ngai: Pattaya Beach , Sunrise Beach, Sunset Beach and Karma Beach. However, for those looking for a pristine strip of sand, the less known beaches like Sanom Beach and Bila Beach represent a good option.

Islands hopping

Tarutao Marine National Park is made up of 51 islands, and some of them are located just off the coasts of Koh Ngai. All these islands have great beaches and are well worth a visit. You can a whole day on each of them, or you can choose to go islands hopping in a cruising boat, making stops at three, five or seven islands around Koh Ngai. Most of the tours include lunch and snorkeling activities.

Thai massage

Pampering yourself to a Thai massage session is a great idea if you want to unwind and relax. There are two places that offer Ton Sai massage on Walking Street: one is close to Pattaya Beach, the second is more in the middle of the island along the street. The usual variety of treatments are available such as Thai, oil, or Swedish massage, foot, head, and back. They also do manicures, pedicures, facials, aloe vera body wrap, aromatherapy and other beauty treatments.

Snorkeling and diving

Koh Ngai is a paradise for tourists who are interested in snorkeling and diving. You can snorkel right off the beach, but you can also take a boat trip to one of the neighboring islands. Just off Sunrise Beach, there are two small islands, Koh Kra and Koh Us, both of which offer excellent snorkeling sites. If you are a proficient swimmer, you can swim between the islands and experience a magnificent underwater world on the way. The snorkeling spot at Pattaya Beach is near the hotel Bundhaya Resort. If you want to experience the best snorkeling however, you should book a boat trip to the neighboring islands.

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