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Basil Pesto Sauce - Video Recipe

You'll simply love this quick and easy basil pesto recipe. How to make the best pesto sauce in less than 15 min.

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Pesto sauce is one of my greatest pleasures when it comes to food. Why? Well, for one thing it's really easy to make, but the real reason is the flavour it gives to any food it touches. Basil pesto is a delightful mix of flavours, perfectly balanced by the lemon juice and garlic.

You can have it with a number of dishes, and here are some of the most delicious: pasta (especially with homemade pasta), seafood or fish, salads and sandwiches. It goes with just about anything really. Once you'll try this pesto recipe I'm sure it will always be present in your fridge. Honestly, that's how good it is.

If you lack inspiration and wonder what would be the best ingredient to mix it with, I would suggest you take a peek at how I used it in these delicious recipes: Baked salmon with veggies & pesto and BLT Sandwich with chicken and pesto. These are two of my favourite pesto dishes, but it really goes perfectly with lots of others as well.

One other reason why I like basil pesto so much is the fact that I can cook a delicious meal in literally no-time. Take pasta for example. We can just boil it, add pesto and a few cherry tomatoes and that's it. Even if you don't know how to cook, you effortlessly make this delicious dish. Or, you can just stir-fry a few shrimps and simply add them a bit of pesto. Even the usual baked potatoes will have a special flavour with it.

So why not try it yourselves and tell me what you feel about it. Don't forget to experiment with different herbs like mint, spinach, kale etc. Or maybe add it some pecans, cashew or pine nuts. And now let’s make this basil pesto recipe, shall we?

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