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9 Things No One Tells You Right Out Of College

College is the best time of your life, but once you get that degree you've worked for hard for the real world comes at you in full force.

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1. Entry level doesn't always mean entry level

It's frustrating finding a job that looks like it's for someone right out of school, but then the job listing has the dreaded words "3-5 years experience required" and all hope is lost.

2. Any experience is worth mentioning

You volunteered in high school? Went on a mission trip somewhere? Part of residence life association? List it! A lot of times managers will at least interview you based on what real life experience you have.

3. But, it is difficult to find a job right away

Jobs and credit cards are the same in the respect that once you get one, it's easier to get another. Take any job you can, work hard and earn money, boost your resume, and when you apply for another job you'll have more to offer including what it's like to work full-time!

4. Living at home isn't so bad

You're an adult and have lived on your own for the past four years and there's no way you want to move back in with mom and dad! But, it's a great way to save up some money (if they don't charge you rent) and you can always set up boundaries.

5. Your friends all move on to do their own thing

You spent almost every day or waking moment with your friends in school, right? You were roommates, frat brothers, sorority sisters, had classes for your major together. But you're also from different places. Chances are you're all going to move back to where you're from (see #4) and find something around there, it's not the end of the world though! You can still talk on the phone, text, Skype, and even meet up at Homecoming!

6. Don't expect to make what your parents are making

Your parents have been working for a few decade to get to where they are salary wise, it's not logical to expect that kind of money in your first post-college job. An hourly wage (and closer to minimum wage than you'd like) is closer to what you'll be offered. But, raises are a thing and you can work your way up!

7. Not all bosses are created equal

You'll have shitty bosses and you'll have awesome bosses. Some people just don't belong in a management position but the ones who treat you like a person and support you are worth their weight in gold. Just remember not to tell the bad ones to eat a bag of dicks.

8. Remember to learn everything you can

Whether it's working the drive through at McDonald's or the front desk at a Fortune 500 company, remember to gain as much experience as possible. That includes taking seminars and going on business trips.

9. Always do the best you can

It doesn't matter where you work as long as you're doing everything you can in that job.

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