Midori T.
Basics are: Twin, with normal hair -- makes shit for everyone -- wears red glasses 98% of the time, the other 2% is blue contacts -- sometimes i prefer to be alone. anything else.. ask please and thanks ^_^
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    • Midori T.

      What nasty chemicals are you referring to? Last time I checked, none of the materials were chemical. And absolutely everything down to the coffee we both use in product and drink is cruelty free. Lush will not purchase any ingredient unless the company signs a cruelty free policy stating that NONE of their raw materials were tested on animals. The only reason lush stuff is expensive is because down to the last sticker placed on product it’s all done by hand. Can’t expect cheap stuff from a company that uses limited machinery (blenders, stand mixers and fork lifts)

    • Midori T.

      Being allergic to caffeine sucks. You can’t have coffee, tea, most pop, anything with chocolate or cocoa, guarana and some medications. You have to read every label and some things aren’t labelled properly, a lot of places aren’t familiar with caffeine contents either and most places think decaf is okay for people with caffeine allergies, which its not. Most ice cream places carry mostly chocolate, majority of desserts have chocolate, you have to be careful with alcohols, and in my case being around dry caffeinated things (like coffee grounds or cocoa powder) can make me sick.

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