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    • midorih

      I appreciate to some this article may sound harsh or biting but I didn’t read it as an attack on all white people lol. It came across as if these specific persons she is writing about are from actual experiences. I can respect that over time instances like this are frustrating.  Maybe, this particular young woman has had enough for once and just wanted to vent her feelings. She’s presenting her thoughts and insights (as actual writers do). I found it entertaining, and it made me reflect on if I have ever put my friends of different cultures through this experience. And, I appreciate the check in my privilege; we have access to so many different cultures but it’s not often people take the time to learn where their trends are from and how they originated.

    • midorih

      The Maneki Neko originated in Japan around the Edo period and had been appropriated by other Asian cultures and respected but it is traditionally not a part of Chinese New Year, it gained popularity there as “good luck” or “jinmao” cats (in the last few decades) but it’s not featured in most New Year celebrations, outside of America. The Mankei Neko nails should be replaced with art of the actual year it is, Monkey! Not trying to start anything but people all lump “Asian” cultures together when they are similar in some ways (obviously) but very different.

    • midorih

      I definitely did not, my daughter(now 4) came 2 months early (and we found out about her when I was 5 months pregnant after two years of intense nausea and illness blamed on psychosomatic symptoms of PTSD). So we got married by my mom’s best friends’ husband (he is a minister and officiated my brother’s wedding the year before and had been on call to marry us five days prior to me being admitted to emergency/high risk prenatal ward) about 15 minutes before I had an emergency c-section at 30 weeks due to a partial placenta previa. So I spent my wedding night on pain meds in a hospital bed watching Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (so glad that there was a marathon on the hospital TV) and eating cheesecake.

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