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Pit Bull Vs. Sprinkler *ADOPT ME*

Can you find it in your heart to love this derpy boy?

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Hi. I'm a Pit Bull named Pete. And I would really love a home...

Pete is available for adoption! PLEASE consider this beautiful loving boy! He's been living in a kennel since January 2012!


I haven't done anything like this before, but I thought I'd make a video of a wonderful Pit Bull I know named Pete. Pete is available for adoption and have been living in a kennel for over 6 months now. I truly believe with the power of the internet, someone, somewhere will find it in their hearts to adopt this beautiful boy! Pass this video along... I know there's someone out there for Pete.

Quick facts about Pete:

- Pete is a young pit bull

- He's available for adoption just outside of Tucson, Arizona

- He's neutered

- He's been vaccinated

- He has his own personal trainer

- He's very dog aggressive

Pete is a young Pit Bull available for adoption just outside of Tucson, Arizona. He's been neutered, has all his vaccinations, and even has his own personal trainer that works with him weekly. He's been living in a boarding kennel since January and would really really like a home of his own now! Pete is VERY dog aggressive. He has gotten better since his training began, but needs to be an only dog.

Pete has a lot of love to give and I'm afraid he's being over looked because of his problems with other dogs. Surely someone out there can give this guy a home! He LOVES LOVES LOVES people and just wants a person of his own to love. He is being very well taken care of at the kennel, but there is no replacement for a loving home and a family to call his own.

Share this video with your friends. If enough people see it I know someone will be the perfect match for Pete.

Pete was saved by the Animal League of Green Valley.

Contact Info:

For more information on adopting Pete (and pictures!!!), please visit the link below:

Or call (520) 398-8661 and say you're interested in Pete!

[Monday-Friday 9am-6pm, or Saturdays until 5pm)

His trainer has a lot more info on him and would love to talk to you about arranging a visit!

*** I do have more video of Pete and pictures. I just tried to keep the video short so it would be more easy to share. You can message me if you're interested in seeing them. ***

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